February & March -18 Through My Phone

I really should try to make these posts more often so they wouldn't always be two months digests and I would be able to remember more clearly what has happened since my memory isn't too good... It's May already! I just had my midterm exams and I want to share some thoughts about my Junior year as soon as possible. Last week I also had my third year living anniversary with Korea! Anyways now I'm here to share some pictures from February and March.

1. I think this Spring has been colder than usually, so in the beginning of February Haru needed to still wear her winter coat. I bought this coat for her while we were in Finland. It's from Finnish brand called Pomppa and I can highly recommend them! It was a bit expensive, but very good quality and they make coats for all sizes. We can use it many years.
2. Winter Olympics were held at Korea this time. We didn't bother to go to see the Olympics live, but we got totally hooked on women's curling! And it seems that rest of the Korea did the same, because Korea's team became a new phenomenon. This lady on screen is totally my new girl crush.
3-4. My best friend here in Korea moved back to her home country with her husband. :( Before she left we went to see this parper art exhibition (more pictures here) and had some lunch and treats in Osulloc tea-cafe in Insadong. Will truly miss this lovely couple.

1. Crazy dog lady here hello! It took me a while to understand why someone would make an insta account for their dog, but I've truly enjoyed keeping own account for Haru. Follow her if you want to see more her cuteness @chihuaharu!
2. Last pictures of Haru with her extra teeth. Some of her teeth just didn't want to drop out on their own so we needed to get them removed. I was sooo nervous about the anesthesia and was totally sure that soon the vet will call that she has passed away. Thankfully I asked the safest method of anesthesia and she recovered very quickly! Such a brave little pup.
3. While we were in Finland my favorite coffee shop had closed down suddenly and I needed to buy my coffee from Ediya (not as good, small size, and more expensive). Now I understand why they had to close because that whole building doesn't exist anymore! Everything changes so fast in Korea... Thankfully I found two other nice coffee shops nearby, but this milk caramel latte in the picture was actually delicious. Too bad it was only in their limited time winter menu.
4. First time out without winter coat this spring! Haru hates sleeves so I need to roll them up as high as possible.

1. I also returned to school... Loved this Moomin add for acapella choir seen on the hallway of one of our school buildings. Took a picture because of that adorable Magneto Moomin!
2. New semester means registering for it in the bank and I hate it... This branch is always way over crowded and I need to wait so long for a thing that is done in two minutes.
3. Can't believe my eyes when the sky is clear and blue like this!
4. Masks have become way too familiar to us this spring since the microdust has been a very big problem recently... Unfortunately my nose is too high so these cheap masks don't fit very well on my face...

1. Everything is wrong about this... We spend some time in Itaewon while Haru's mouth was operated.
2. First blossoms! Magnolia is my favorite. It's so beautiful!
3. Hubby surprised me for White Day! I got this beautiful rose, cake, and we went to eat to our favorite Mexican restaurant. Well done from him. <3
4. Sure sign of coming spring are the cherry blossom drinks everywhere. This Ediya one doesn't have any coffee in it, so I think it tastes basically like milk tastes after sugary cereals have been soaking in it. Not my fave, but equally hard to resist year after year...

1. This is how it looks here way too often and the reason for using masks while going out. So depressing.
2. It's also been raining a lot this spring. I think more than usually... I have Star Wars wallet and umbrella. They are pretty cool. I like Star Wars.
3-4. And cherry blossom everything! Starbucks' cherry blossom latte is actually very good, but those cherry blossom honey butter chips were pretty disappointing. I just can't resist the pink! 

1. Here's some foods we enjoyed. Hubby really wanted to try this Japanese restaurant we hadn't visited before but it was far and their food was very disappointing... Everything looked great but tasted very mediocore. This cold noodle kimbap was the only food we finished and that was actually good, but it had wasabi in it and for some reason I can't stand its taste... I love spicy food but I really hate wasabi.
2. I love love love this Japanese restaurant. Their ramen is amazing. The soup is very salty, just the way I like it.
3. Middle Eastern food close to our vet office. Need to visit again to try some foods from their menu we weren't able to try that time. Bit expensive but good.
4. Best red velvet cake in Korea. Full of real cream cheese frosting and that mini macaron is delicious too!

1. Some Haru because I can! Princess having a walk in her stylish sweater.
2-3. Haru loves to "help" me with studying. Because she wants me to hold her I often need to work with only one hand... Not very efficient, but how to say no if something so cute wants to be on your lap.
4. She also likes to sleep on me. Sometimes I wake up her sleeping on my chest, but here she is creeping on my back.

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