Paper, Present -Exhibition

I don't visit galleries or museums often, so I was very glad when my friend asked if I would want to visit an art gallery with her because she got two free tickets. The exhibition we went to is called "Paper, Present" and all the artworks, even the furnitures, were made out of paper. This exhibition seems to be pretty popular since even though we visited there on a weekday lunch time, there were so many people there. I'm suprised I managed to take some pictures where you can't see other people at all. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves!

If you are interested of this pretty intsragram worthy exhibition, you can see it in Daelim museum until 27th of June. Daelim museum is located on Gwanghwamun, very close to Gyeongbok palace. The gallery itself is on multiple floors, but isn't very big so checking out the exhibition won't take much time. You can find more information about the exhibition from the museum's website,

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