Review: Aprilskin Magic Snow Fixing Cushion (21 Light Beige)

"Full matte coverage Magic Snow Fixing Foundation in innovative compact format ensures perfect complexion and easy touch-up on-the-go" -APRILSKIN

Sometimes well targeted Facebook advertising can really lead to increased sales. I don't think I would have ever tried Aprilskin products if I wouldn't have seen their videos on my Facebook feed. I think they have really good strategy for their promotional videos because they use very normal looking girls with real skin problems as their models, and that's what caught my attention. Who wouldn't want to try products that can actually cover acne and help with oiliness? After getting interested of the brand it took some time for me to actually buy anything from them because if I have understood right Aprilskin is sold only online and stores like Olive Young that sells many brands, and when I've wanted to try their products their testers have been always in very disgusting shape and all the right shades have been sold out. When I finally found decent tester cushions from one Olive Young branch and they even happened to have my shade in stock, I decided to try Aprilskin's Magic Snow Fixing Cushion in a shade 21 Light Beige.

I had seen in the videos that this cushion should be especially good for controlling oiliness of the skin and it also happens to have the prettiest metal pink cushion case I've seen, so that's why my first choice to get familiar with the brand was the Fixing cushion. It comes in three different shades and I chose the lightest one, 21 Light Beige. It's pretty okay match with my pale skin. It has sunscreen of SPF 30 / PA++ which is a bit less than in the other cushions I've had. One re-fill has 15 grams of product in it. Usually cushions have a sponge that has the foundation absorbed on it, but Fixing cushion has mesh netting instead. It's purpose is to ensure even application, but I can't really agree with that... Sometimes I accidentally pushed the netting with too much pressure and way too much foundation came out and I couldn't get it back inside. Thankfully the cushion closes very tightly, so my foundation didn't get bad and I could still use it even though the application was far from even. Texture of the foundation is almost like a soft mousse, very nice! I also love the puff. It's very soft and has nice texture. And it's pink! Only minus about it is that this cushion lasted in my use for a very long time, but the puff broke before I had finished the product.

Aprilskin promises Fixing cushion's foundation to be lightweight, buildable, and just like skin. And that's how the product really is. It leaves absolutely beautiful semi-matte finish, just like your own skin but better. It doesn't have very good coverage, but the finish truly is beautiful and very natural looking. After using eSpoir's Ultra HD Nude Liquid Powder Cushion that was very difficult to apply evenly, I loved how easy it was to apply the Fixing cushion. The finish is so pretty it wouldn't need any powdering, but I needed to powder it slightly to try to make it last longer. Aprilskin also promises that this cushion should control oiliness, but I think it does it very poorly. It fails to do so even just for few hours. Maybe that's the reason behind the name of this cushion because it does require fixing throughout the day. After a new layer it looks great again for a while, so it is very easily fixable. Even though the oil control is very poor, I loved to use this cushion!

Overall, Aprilskin Magic Snow Fixing Cushion is totally worth trying. It's packed to the prettiest package ever and lasts in use for months. Its even application is very effortless, it's buildable, and it has absolutely gorgeous semi-matte "your skin but better" finish. Only downsides are that the oil control is very poor and it does require fixing few hours after application. Also, if not being careful with pressure while taking the product to the puff, sometimes too much of product can came out and it's kind of impossible to get it back because of the mesh netting. I could totally buy this product again and it would be lovely cushion for dry winter season! If you need high coverage product for very oily skin, I would recommend to try something else.

Price: 34,000 KRW, without a re-fill
Re-fill costs 18,000 KRW.

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