Christmas And New Year In Finland

I will skip December and January digests and share some pictures of our trip to Finland instead. I hadn't visited my family in a year and a half so I was pretty excited to see everyone after a long time. We were lucky and had a chance to stay for a month, but the time passed so fast that I wish we could have spend there few weeks more. Unfortunately winter is the travel season in Finland and plane tickects in February were just way too expensive, so we couldn't stay any longer this time. Our flight to Finland left about an hour late from the schedule and took almost 10 hours. I can't complain about the slight delay since just few days before our flying day many flights from Incheon airport were totally cancelled because of heavy smog and some planes weren't able to land to Korea at all, so we were lucky to be able to fly. We needed to visit the airport the day before our flight to finish Haru's travel documents and that day many flights were delayed because of heavy snow. Long flights are always rough and awful, but our Haru behaved like an angel the whole flight. She didn't make a sound and just slept for the whole time. It was funny that even though I had been so long away from my family, when we arrived to my mom's place it felt like we wouldn't have been gone at all. Everything just continued where it had ended last time. Only change was that my little brother wasn't that little anymore but had become a teenager. First days were a bit rough for us because of the time difference and jet lag. We got also caught up by cold that lasted around two weeks... 

On our first week in Finland we just took a rest and spend time with my family. We also tried to get in Christmas mood by assembling and decorating my mom's Christmas tree. I also baked and decorated some gingerbreads with my little sister. My older younger sister came for Christmas too, and on the Christmas Eve morning we headed to my dad's place to eat some rice porridge, exchange gifts and spend some time together. In the afternoon we had a Christmas dinner at my mom's aunt's house, and after that we went to our own aunt's place to eat some delicious desserts and to exchange more gifts. Even Santa Claus visited us! That weird wig-picture of me is taken with Sia's Christmas album filter. That's my new favourite Christmas album and we listened that quite a bit already in Korea before Christmas. On Christmas Day our relatives came for a lunch to my mom's place, we spend more time just eating and chatting together, and in the evening I visited my grandmother's grave with my mom to light up a candle for her. That's one of my dearest Christmas traditions.

The day after Christmas Day is still an official holiday in Finland (called Tapani's day) and we went to spend that day with my dad and eat Christmas food for the last time for that year. Haru got to play with their Chinese crested dog. Finally we met a dog who doesn't hate her! We didn't get white Christmas this year, but the ocean views from our dad's place are pretty great even without. On the New Year's Eve we did nothing! And it was great like that. I don't miss alcohol filled celebrations at all! We spend the evening with my little siblings, me playing some word games with my little sister. Finnish people like to buy and shoot their own fireworks so we could hear the sounds of them all around us, but unfortunately we couldn't see any from our windows. I was worried if Haru would be scared of the war like sounds, but she was fast a sleep when it begun and didn't care at all. The purpose of our trip to Finland was just to rest and meet my family and friends, and that's what we did. We didn't actually get much out of the house... I had wished some books for Christmas and had time to read some of my present books. No better way to start a morning than a cup of coffee and a new book to read. I hadn't read any Finnish books for a while, so it was nice to get some new Finnish literature. I went to watch one Finnish movie with my sister too. For one weekend we went to Turku to meet my friends. We stayed at my cousin's and his wife's place for a night, and in the day time met my friends and little sister. We had such a great time with everyone and now I miss them dearly. Now all of them are planning to come to visit us to Korea in the near future. I really hope these plans will come true!

Haru was just amazing travel partner. She traveled with us without any problems in a plane, train, bus and car. She loved everyone who came to visit my mom's house and melted many hearts. Now because of her many of them want to get their own chihuahua and my mom suggested jokingly that we should leave Haru to Finland. I hope to see more chihuahua's in our next visit! Traveling can be stresful for a puppy too. Like us, Haru was jet lagged for a while too and woke up at weird times in the night. She got tired earlier than me and just decided to go to sleep on her own to our bedroom. Her favourite spot to sleep in was my husband's open luggage, but her carrier worked as her own safe place too. Something that came as a surprise for us was how attached she really is to us two. Even though she loved everyone, she wanted to come to sleep with us and often followed after us if we went to different room. She felt also clearly uncomfortable staying in the house without us and sometimes even cried after me, so we avoided leaving her alone. She also wasn't ready to stay a night without us (she acted very unusual way), but got pet sitted by my family members for few hours at times. She also grew a lot while staying in Finland. She learned to jump to sofa and bed, and her new favourite hobby became to stare out at the window. Sometimes she even barked, something she doesn't usually do! Because my mom's apartment is much bigger than ours, she also barked to door bell and strange sounds, what she doesn't do at home. She also became a real woman and got her first estrus (or heat).What a timing...

Winters in Finland are very dark so I used to enjoy the nature and fresh air those few hours a day when sun was actually up and take Haru for walks. The weather was actually very mild and warmer and less snowy that what it was in Korea. I bought new warm winter coat for Haru so now she doesn't get cold in our winter walks. Most of the days were pretty gray and gloomy, so it felt amazing when we had few very sunny days with few minus degrees and blue sky! It's always hard to say goodbyes and I feel always dreadful about our traveling day. This time it snowed heavily while we were waiting our departure, but we found very nice calm spot at the airport where we could let Haru to look around from open carrier. Unfortunately our flight was delayed again and we ended up sitting in a fully packed plane for an hour before our plane was finally ready to leave. Otherwise our flight went pretty well, even though I feel always awful in a plane. Now we are adjusting back to our normal daily life in Korea and I'm trying not to think about my family so I wouldn't miss them too much. Hope to see some Finnish friends and family members in Korea soon!


  1. Mieletöntä, että oot pärjänny noin kauan käymättä Suomessa! Miulla tuppaa koti-ikävä vaivaamaan aina muutamankin kuukauden poissaolon jälkeen. Ja vitsit miten suloinen teijän karvainen perheenjäsen onkaan, en ihmettele että sulattelee sydämiä minne meneekin!

    1. Ei se helppoa ole, mutta kun on tarpeeks kauan pois niin jotenkin siihen ikävään turtuu eikä sitä ajattele niin usein enää. Ensimmäinen joulu pois Suomesta oli kyllä vaikea! Kaikkein vaikeinta mulle tässä pitkiä aikoja pois olossa on ollut se kun pikkusisarukset kasvaa eikä pysty olemaan osana sitä niiden normaalia elämää. Mun pikkuveli on mua 15 vuotta nuorempi ja puolessatoistavuodessa hänestä oli kasvanut omissa oloissaan viihtyvä teini sen kainaloon tulevan pikkupojan sijaan ja kamala on lähteä silloin kun pikkusisko itkee että jäätäis vielä pariksi päivää kun mahdollisuutta siihen ei ole. :( Mielelläni siirtäisin tän Korean täältä vähän lähemmäksi Suomea.
      Ja kiitos! Hän on kyllä munkin mielestä varsin hurmaava tapaus.


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