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Greetings from Finland! We arrived here almost two weeks ago to spend Christmas with my family. December was very busy month for me because of essay deadlines and final exams, but now we are here and can just rest and relax. We took our puppy with us and she has been amazing. Our flight took almost 10 hours but she didn't make a sound! Now she spends her days here melting everyones' hearts. I know that the year is coming to an end and that there's only one day left of December, but I came to post some pictures from October and November.

1. We spend the day before Chuseok, Korean Thanksgiving, with my parents-in-law. This year Chuseok was in the middle of the week, so we got to enjoy one week long holiday. Haru got to meet my husband's grandma dog for the first time and became friends with my husband's niece.
2. Right after Chuseok my husband got very sick... We needed to visit emergency room twice, and I tried to study for my midterm exams while he was going through multiple tests to try to find out why he got so sick so suddenly. Thankfully nothing very serious was found and he recovered pretty fast, but it was very scary experience for both of us. 
3-4. We went for lunch to Dongdaemun and decided to take a walk through Changgyecheon stream to Jongno. The weather was still so warm in the beginning of October!

1. Haru taking rest in her carrier. :D
2. And lost her first baby teeth! New ones grew really fast.
3-4. The truth of a life with a puppy. She doesn't care about black cords, but loves to chew gray and white ones.

1. Eating out for my husband's 29th birthday! He chose Japanese ramen. It was delicious.
2. My birthday gift for him was Hedwing and the Angry Inch musical. It was in English and absolutely amazing! We were a bit doubtful about it, but we both loved it! Micheal K. Lee was so convincing and lovable as Hedwig and the songs were just like in the movie.
3. Our musical look.
4. Preparation for midterm exams with my favourite iced white cafe mocha.

1-4. I went to VIXX's 4th official fanmeeting. It was held in Jamsil Indoor Gymnasium and I've been there few times before, but this was my first time in third floor. Big mistake! The seating was so steep that I got horrible fear of hights and felt whole time that I will fall down from my seat. I've never suffered of fear of hights before, but that was so awful experience I almost cried and seriously thought leaving before the event even started. Thankfully my feeling got a little bit better when the other seats got full, but I will never book a seat from there again. Fanmeeting was fun and lasted almost 4 hours, but this time they talked a looooot. And I couldn't understand much. I've now experienced many times kindness of the VIXX fans, Starlights. Woman next to me gifted me un opened copy of VIXX's newest Japanese album!

1. I had my first test of profiniency in Korean, TOPIK, in October. Because of my exam period in university I didn't have much time to prepare and I felt really scared and hopeless since the sample exams in this book were pretty difficult... Thankfully the real exam was much easier! It was a good practice for the more difficult test I need to take next time.
2. We took our pup with us and spend one evening in Pangyo with my sister-in-law's family. Trees started to change their colors in the end of October.
3-4. I got a chance to visit Secret Garden finally! I went with a friend and our purpose was to see the fall foliage, but unfortunately most of the trees were still green. Anyways we had great time enjoying the nature. You need to reserve guided tour to get there, but our guide told us that we can wander there freely as long as we want!

1. This is how it looks like sometimes when you try to take your puppy out for a walk... Laying on the ground and refusing to walk.
2. We are lucky to have this kind of walking route right next to us.
3. I still play Pokémon Go once in a while and finally reached level 30! 
4. Mac&cheese and pulled pork in our favourite American bbq place. Good, like always.

1. On our way to vet to get Haru vaccinated.
2. Tiny nose peeking!
3-4. Even my uni looks pretty nice in fall time. How I wish that the sky would be blue and clear like this always.

1. Beautiful baby enjoying a slice of pig ear in bed. Not anymore, since they weren't really suitable for her stomach.
2. Found two-toned leaves on our walk. So pretty.
3. Cuddless with my princess.
4. Haru lost her first canine tooth and it was a bit bloody. Because of that I needed tho change our bed sheets and Haru made a nest for herself.

1. Justice League date! We actually enjoyed this movie a lot! One of my favourites from DC.
2. Hubby's sister bought us the new set of Pokémon games. I didn't have time to finish it before we flew to Finland... Will continue on my winter break.
3. Went to celebrate my mother-in-law's birthday. We ate in an expensive Korean restaurant no one of us liked and after that she wanted to go to noraebang to sing some karaoke!
4. Husband surprised me totally to celebrate my good TOPIK exam result. Before I came back from university he had bought me some cake and coffee. Feels great that he supports me like this in my long journey of learning his language and appreciates my effort.

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