September -17 Through My Phone

It has already turned to November, but I'm here with some pictures from September! I'll try to get the October pictures out too as soon as possible. My midterm exams are over now and I have more time for other things besides school again.

1-2. One of our dear friends went back to America for a while, so we met her for a meal in this huge Mexican restaurant to chat before she left. I shared frozen strawberry margarita (tasted too much alcohol for my taste) with hubby and we had some delicious food too. 
3. Just a random one eared tired pup to cheer your day.
4. I think I mentioned before how I was teaching some Finnish to one of the professors of my university, and in our last session he gifted me this wine set. I was so touched! It was a great experience to teach him.

1. Haru trying clothes on for the first time in her life. She hated it, and couldn't understand why I would do something so cruel to her. She acted like she would have been paralyzed and just collapsed without even trying to walk. Now few mornings have been so cold that I've dressed her when we have gone out and she has been fine.
2. Story of my life... I can reach a gym from our apartment, but unfortunately I've been able to get only one legendary pokémon because there's never no one else battling in that gym! :( Frustrating.
3. Playtime in our bed, biting threads from our blanket. After taking this picture she probably peed to our bed too... Now I'm hopeful that she has finally stopped this habit.
4. I hate to visit the bank in our campus! 26 people before me and it goes soooo slowly! It's always like this there. After waiting like an hour I was done with my thing in a minute.

1. I had my birthday (28 years old now) and my husband got me the best present ever! I had been dreaming of this, but didn't had mentioned anything about it to him. This palette is so great and I've been using it almost daily. Nice pigment and lovely colors.
2. I also got a rose from him. And an ice cream cake!
3. Got these chocolates from one of my classmates on my birthday. That was super sweet of her since we aren't even super close. So glad to have people like this in my life. :)
4. Cafe near by our house got new heart shaped straws. Sooooo cute! Love their white cafe mocha.

1-2. My dear friend took me to eat some cake for my birthday. This was marcobiotic, vegan, super healthy, and delicious. Iced tea was pretty good too.
3. This picture is from the same day than the cake... We met around Anguk station and accidentally found this kind of old Korean traditional house (hanok) to visit.
4. Can you tell from her face how much she hated her first time outside? She is usually pretty brave puppy, but new things shock her easily and she needs some time to get used to them. Now she loves walking (usually...). She looks kind of weird in this because she was in the middle of changing her baby fur to a new shiny big girl fur.

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