Summer Is Turning To Fall

And that means new post about my studies! Like I mentioned before, I studied Korean language for my whole summer vacation. I took level 2 in Korea University's language center. I think that compared to level 1 this was much more difficult, but it might be because previously I've always been kind of studying same stuff over and over again, and now I finally learned new grammar and vocabulary everyday after a long time. I had new teachers this time and they were very lovely, like all of the language center's teachers seem to be. I can't praise their teachers enough. I don't know how they have been able to find all these amazing people to work for them. In level 2 teachers use a bit more advanced Korean while they teach, so I needed to try to focus very carefully to listen what they spoke. Compared to level 1 my classmates were much more motivated. Not that many late comers, not that many people skipping classes all the time, and not that many students trying to sleep or use their phones, so that was a very positive surprise for me. Only complain I have is that in level 2 teachers didn't really focus on our pronunciation. In level 1 it was one of the main focus, but now we got personal feedback of our pronunciation basically only if we asked. I felt that I wasn't doing very well this semester and stressed a lot that what if I can't pass the level, but thankfully I did okay in my exams. I got pretty good results of all my other exams, but the results of my speaking/conversation exams were lower than what I got from other areas. I was really surprised that I did actually better in my listening exams now than in level 1 getting full points of both of my exams! Level 2 was similar with level 1 in that sense that they are conversation based classes and require students to participate a lot. So if you want to practice especially your conversational skills, I highly recommend trying studies in Korea University. You can read about my experience of level 1 in here. As much as I love Korea University and all my amazing teachers, I think this was my last time studying there. I need to achieve TOPIK level 4 in specific time frame and that examination focuses on writing instead of speaking, so even though I would highly need all the speaking practice Korea University could offer me, I think I must change my focus on writing essays in Korean. I hope that my speaking skills will follow afterwards!

Korea University
Now I'm back in my own university again and almost half through this semester already. Only one week left to our midterms! This semester I'm taking 6 courses, worth of 17 credits. I'm taking three law classes this time. Those are my first online course FTA and Law, and International Organization and Law from my major, and International Contract Law from my minor. My major classes don't feel too bad yet since we haven't had any readings, but I need to write a report for both. That contract law class is pretty demanding, but the professor is one the best I've ever had so I kind of enjoy that class in a bizarre self-torturing way. We already had our midterm exam for that class and I must say that it was pretty heavy two hours for me... No idea how I did in it. Hoping for the best... Then I'm taking Introduction to Development Economics (even though I swore that I wouldn't study economics anymore :D), Intercultural Communication as an elective from the Department of English Literature and Culture, and Korean Language 2. I kind of love to read the book for my communication class! I've found it to be very interesting. Development economics has been still more about the development side of the topic, but I guess it will get more difficult when we start to study more about the economic side of it. So thankul that I have my husband to help me with the math! My Korean language class is very easy, but I like this class much more than the class I took last semester. We have same teacher than last semester, but the class size is smaller, the class is better organized, and we use mainly just Korean in the class. So far this semester has felt much lighter than my few previous semesters. I kind of feel that I can actually handle this amount of studying, but I might change my mind now when I'll start to prepare for my midterms... Always stressing about my grades and GPA, so I try to do my best for every class.

Hankuk University of Foreign Studies


  1. Onnea ja tsemppiä uudelle lukuvuodelle ! Ite (taas) opiskelen pääsykokeisiin. Josko sitä nyt tällä kertaa onnistaisi :D

    1. Kiitos! Koeviikot on aina aika hermoja raastavaa aikaa... Ja onnea sulle pääsykokeisiin, toivotaan että tärppää tällä kertaa! :) Mille alalle oot hakemassa?

    2. Pyrin Haaga-Heliaan matkailun restonomiksi opiskelemaan :)


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