July & August -17 Through My Phone

Since it's already September I decided to write about July and August in a one post. Actually I didn't do much these Summer months because I spend every weekday in Korea University studying Korean, so I didn't take much pictures either... Even though I feel I didn't do much, many things changed and these month were pretty busy for me. I moved to my own apartment and we were in a long distance marriage for one month. Thankfully, my husband's working situation got changed again and now we are sharing this new apartment together. I think that one month separated felt much longer than just a month! And then we got our Haru and she has kept us pretty busy because she is very active little puppy.

1. I was forced to go out in a rainy weekend to do a homework for my Korean class. This picture is from Dongdaemun.
2. I really don't take pictures of myself anymore... But this was my look for a musical. My first musical alone!
3-4. So the musical I went to see was Hamlet and I went to watch it because VIXX's Ken was in it. I wanted to cheer myself up because my husband had just moved so I booked a seat really close to the stage. I haven't seen anything like this musical before! It mixed many different styles of music from rock to tap dancing and Ken did amazing job acting as a crazy Hamlet. He was also half naked part of the musical, so can't really complain.

1. Movie date. We wen't to see the new Spider Man movie. Even though we both like Tom Holland as the new Spider Man, this movie was very boring, childish and disappointing. 
2. Like I told earlier, I just studied Korean most of my Summer. It was difficult... I made this list to try to make myself to memorize all the words for wearing something. Depending of what you are wearing, like clothes, shoes, belt, or contact lenses, you need to use different words for it. And of course different words also for taking them off! I'm really bad at memorizing vocabulary so this was painful and I've already forgot it again.
3. This was what I saw every Friday while waiting my husband to come back to Seoul. Routes to bus terminals became very familiar to me. Glad it is over now!
4. This Summer's limited edition flavour for everything has been melon. Usually these season limited products aren't that good, but this actually tasted totally like a real melon bread!

1-2. Moved to my own apartment! First picture is the view from my apartment and second picture shows how it looked the first days I spent here. New bed arrived just few days after my move.
3. First time meeting Mimi after my move. I've missed her so much! And she had missed me too, because she was very clingy and made noises if I stopped to pet her even for a second. Now she has got used to it already that we aren't there with her everyday, but I keep missing her a lot.
4. Banana tiramisu drink from a grocery store. Was okay! Tried salted latte too, but I liked this a bit better.

1. These cuties used to greet me on my way to Korean class. They were very friendly, but I felt bad for them because they were outside in the +30C heat in a very tiny cage like this...
2. We went to Ikea, got some furnitures for our apartment and Swedish chocolate! It was very expensive, but I miss Finnish and Swedish chocolate so much I couldn't resist. Korean chocolate sucks.
3. New library in COEX. I've seen so much pictures of it I couldn't resist to take some by myself when we passed by.
4. Still playing Pokémon Go. I can reach a gym from my apartment so managed to catch this. It's my only legendary because I haven't went to other raids and seems there's never other people participating on the raids of our gym.

1-2. Seoul's first Comic Con. Was disappointing, but they sold some nice goodies there. I bought Hufflepuff version of the 20th anniversary edition of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. I think it has also been almost 20 years since I read it the last time, and now I want to read the other books again too.
3-4. This is how everyday Seoul looks like in the areas where people actually live. This was also on my way to Korean class. I moved so close to Korea University I used to walk there. 

1-2. We got our Haru! She used to be so so tiny, cute and fluffy! It was love at first sight.
3. Really tried to read for my Korean finals... Hubby was an angel and went to buy me a big coffee. Studying is so much better with a cup of coffee.
4. Lunch with my cute hubby. It's been a while since Shake Shack landed to Korea, but because they have always so long lines it hasn't felt worth to wait to eat there. Now they have new restaurant closer to us so decided to give it a try.

1-2. Had a nice brunch time meeting with my friend and enjoyed these delicious vegan treats. I had strawberry ade with ginger bread flavoured pumpkin cake and it was so good! We must go again.
3. Finished the level 2 of Korean class succesfully. It was difficult, but I made it. I love Korea University's language center and their awesome teachers, but I think this was my last time taking the intensive course... 
4. After finishing my Korean course I had one week of vacation time and then returned to my own Uni... Actually I spend some of my vacation days there too teaching Finnish to one of the professor of our university.

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