First Month With A Puppy

Time flies! It's been a month already since Haru joined our little family. She has grown a lot and when comparing her now to the pictures taken a month ago I don't know where my fluffy baby puppy has disappeared! When she was almost 11 weeks her weight was 680 grams, two weeks later 900 grams. This girl likes to eat, or at least liked before we decided to start to feed her very healthy (and expensive) food that is made mostly of salmon. Not her favourite, but I hope she will get used to it. She bites us a bit less than before, has learned her new name, and knows how to sit and go down, but doesn't want to understand the word "no". She has so much energy and is always ready to play. She prefers to play with us, but plays well with her toys on her own too. Living with a very tiny, fast, and playful puppy requires us to be extremely careful or she might get hurt accidentally. Night time she sleeps quietly in her own bed or under our bed. She likes to follow what we do, but isn't extremely clingy so she behaves very well while being alone.

We found wonderful animal medical center for her where we go to vaccinate her and to prepare her to travel with us, but it's not in our area so we use subway to go there. Haru travels in her carrier very well and is curious about everything she sees, but while she is there we can't give her any attention or she wants to come out. Her carrier is always open in our home, so she often sleeps in it. My husband was sure that she wouldn't go even near to her carrier after our first vet visit because she cried a lot while getting her shots, but seems it was harder mentally for us than for her since she still goes to her carrier willingly. Next set of vaccinations was much easier and she didn't cry at all! Her vet speaks perfect English and is very gentle with her, so we are glad that we found a kind vet like him. Because she hasn't still got all of her shots she isn't allowed to go out and does her business on pee pads. She has used them very well since the moment she came and has had only few accidents elsewhere. No mess all over the apartment! Only a bit annoying thing is that she tries to pee on everything soft, including our bed. She doesn't pee on her own bed or on her carrier, but I think that she thinks about our bed as a playground and doesn't understand that our blanket is not a pee pad for her. I hope that this problem gets solved when we can start to take her out to do her business. And before she grows big enough to jump to our bed by herself... Anyways I can't wait to let her to explore the world outside this tiny apartment!

Overall our first month together has been filled with happiness and we are so in love with her. I think my husband had some doubts about getting a cihuahua (he wants border collie...), but now he is totally a very proud and caring puppy daddy! Haru is our baby now and it would be weird to imagine life without her anymore. We want to protect her and help her to grow nicely behaving grown up. She might not always be the easiest puppy, but she is very happy, loving and clever. I knew based on just few videos of her that she would be the perfect puppy for us and I was definitely right about that! Couldn't be any happier about our decision to take her.

So so tired...

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