Review: eSpoir Ultra HD Nude Liquid Powder Cushion (Porcelain)

Long time no make up reviews! That's because I haven't really bought anything new and just tried to use the old products I have. Other reason is that I felt that it was too difficult to take decent pictures in our old apartment. I'm still trying to buy only products I actually need, but our new apartment has much better lighting so I hope I can offer better pictures in the future! Here's a review of the cushion foundation I've been using this summer.

 "Liquid Powder - like cushion foundation enabling perfect nude skin expression powder from developed formula with fine UHD powder which changes into soft powder the moment it touches your skin." - eSpoir

I saw the foundation of this line to be used in one of eSpoir's make up videos and it caught my attention, so when I found out that there's also a cushion made of the same product I needed to try it. I liked eSpoir's Pro Tailor Cushion EX a lot, so I had very high hopes for this one. I got the lightest shade, porcelain, and it has yellow undertone. The shade porcelain of Ultra HD Nude Liquid Powder Cushion is darker than the porcelain of Pro Tailor Cushion. This cushion comes in 5 different shades. It has SPF50+ PA+++ and 15grams of product in it.

The cushion case is nude beige, like the name suggests, and pretty sturdy. The puff is pretty hard and I personally don't like the texture of it. It doesn't bend very well for precise application. Scent of this product is very mild, milder than in any cushion I've had before, which I really like. Like I told before, I had very high hopes for this product, but unfortunately it dissappointed me badly. When I tried this cushion for the first times, I was suprised by the finish because it looked pretty dewy. Then suddenly after I had used it for a week or two it changed to powdery! I like powdery finish, but this product is very difficult to apply evenly. If you want to add one more layer to add coverage, the puff leaves horrible lines and patches and kind of ruins the first layer, so you need to work it carefully on your skin to achieve even result. Coverage is medium. It's not necessary to use powder to set this foundation since the finish itself is very powdery.

This cushion is also drying. I have dehydrated combination skin that gets easily oily throughout the day, but this cushion has really dried my skin even in humid summer season. I would recommend this product only for oily skin without any dry patches since this foundation tends to higlight dry areas of the skin. Only good thing about this cushion besides the mild scent is that it's very long lasting! Even though the summers are very hot and sweaty in Korea, this stays on my face the whole day like it was when I applied it. But even though it's long lasting, I wouldn't re-purchase this product. Applying it has been too frustrating and it doesn't really do any good for my skin. If you are looking for a cushion with powdery finish I would recommend Mamonde's Cover Powder Cushion instead.

Price: 35,000 KRW, comes with a re-fill
Re-fill costs 15,000 KRW

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