June -17 Through My Phone

I'm back with pictures from June. I told in my previous post that I had some big changes happening in my life and I decided to tell few words about those. First, me and my husband are a long distance marriage couple now. My husband got great working opportunity from the other side of Korea and since it's not that easy to find a good job in Korea nowadays, it was the best decision for us that he went for this opportunity. Unfortunately, I can't leave Seoul before I finish my university studies, so that forces us to live separately for a while. Thankfully Korean universities have long breaks two times a year, and my husband got a job where most of his weekends will be free, so we can still meet pretty often. We are forced now to live in different cities, but the love between us hasn't faded even a bit and our relationship is going as strong as always. Second, I have my own apartment now! After living more than two years with my in-laws I finally got my own apartment. I wish I could live daily life with my husband, that would be ideal, but I'm still pretty excited to take care of myself by myself again. I love my in-laws and appreciate their love and everything they have done for me these years, but as a Finn I have this really strong need of my own independency. My moving didn't happen without problems, but now I have had my own officetel for a week. Before my move, I lived three weeks with my in-laws without my husband, and that was surprisingly easy. I've been forced to talk Korean on my own with them and that's of course been good for me. Now I even have short daily calls with my mother in law fully in Korean, even though talking Korean on phone is difficult! There's also third change coming hopefully soon, but I'll tell about it when it actually happens. I might write more about my apartment and how living in a Korean officetel differs from living in a Finnish rental apartment after I get rest of my furnitures! Then to the pictures...

1. Went to see Wonder Woman and liked it a lot! I think it was really entertaining and I loved how naive, yet badass, she was. I don't usually care about DC movies so this must have been my favourite.
2. Studying for my finals in a cafe. Feels like it was forever ago! Someone had left a message about their friend to my table. Free translation would be something like "Sohee is a pig who eats a lot".
3-4. Mimi! I love her so much. I think pretty much all dogs are amazing but she is one of the greatest dogs I've ever met. She is smart but doesn't give a fuck about most of the things, she is cuddly, and she can really express her feelings, like you will know if she is pissed or unhappy about something! Big personality in small (but a bit fat) package. I haven't met a dog like her before. In the second picture she is sulking about something and just kept staring to veranda before I called her name. And then continued to stare into emptiness...

1. And then I had my finals. I needed to write some essay type answers to huge A3 sized paper writing in this tiny tiny side table... Not very comfortable and I think I rushed a bit too much with this exam because I needed to hurry to my Korean class.
2. New season of the Orange is the New Black! That meant some breaks from studying...
3-4. Look at that clear sky! No pollution! Had amazing weather for few days before super hot humid summer weather arrived.

1. Then I returned back to Korea University to study the second level of Korean. It's difficult...
2. On my way to Korean class. I'm studying now in a different building on the other side of the campus than last semester.
3. We bough sandals for me! I haven't had sandals since I was in elementary school. I think my feet look so horrible that I have wanted to hide them no matter how much I would be sweating in my sneakers. But these are pretty, and hide most of my ugly feet. Felt somehow so Korean to buy Birkenstocks...
4. Had vegan lunch with my new dear friend in Plant Cafe.

1. Got my grades! Not perfect, but better than last semester. I can't describe how surprised and happy I was to get an A of intermediate microeconomics because I struggled with that course so much and had lost all hope and joy. :D
2. I wanted short summer hair cut. Unfortunately that amazing hair dresser who cut my hair perfectly last time when I wanted a cut wasn't working that day so I took a risk and let someone new to cut my hair... Big mistake! She cut my hair so badly I hated it, went to buy hair cutting scissors, and cut my hair again by myself. It's still not perfect, but so much better than what it was! And from now on I will let only that one guy to cut my hair because he does so careful and great job compared to others in that same hair salon.
3-4. My hubby left to Jinju :( He needs to dress a bit more formally to work and I think he looks so good always when he comes back to Seoul in his work clothes. Seoul's bus terminals are getting very familiar to me because I want to go to wait him there when he comes and to go to say goodbyes when he leaves.

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