April & May -17 Through My Phone

Long time no blogging! This past month has been very hectic. I haven't really had time to relax or even think about my blog, but starting from next week I should have time to start to post again more regularly. I had my finals few weeks ago, started second level of Korean studies and there's big changes going on in my personal life I might write more about a bit later. But here's some pictures from April and May!

1. Cuddles with Mimi because she is just the best and I can't resist her cuteness.
2. Playing around with Snow app :D
3. Spring arrived and so did azaleas. We have birches in the park next to us in case if I start to miss Finland.
4. I have had some horrible migraine attacks and have visited doctor pretty often lately to find working medication for me... These all were supposed to be taken at once, but didn't really help. Now I have better medication, but that's not 100% sure way to get ridd of the pain either. It kind of works when it wants...

2-3. And chressy blossoms bloomed too! We had few super bright days without pollution so the blue sky looked amazing. This spring pollution was very bad. Unfortunately cherry blossoms don't last long and I needed to prepare for my midterm exams, so I saw them mainly on campus.
3. My sister-in-law had her birthday and we went to eat lunch together to celebrate. We also went to take a little walk to the palace area nearby. I guess our facial expressions tell how much we resisted to take this picture, but my mother-in-law forced us :D We were embarrassed.
4. Studying together! So much nicer than alone.

1-2. Azaleas in full bloom. There was so many different colours.
3. I started to study Swedish with this phone application since I don't remember anything about my middle school Swedish. Studying like this is really fun and Swedish is so much easier language than Korean! I studied daily for few weeks, but like I said I've been very busy lately and now when I'm studying Korean again I don't want to mix it up with Swedish... I'll continue again after I finish my Korean course!
4. Korea had new presidential elections after the previous president was impeached. This is how they campaign here, driving around with these cars. There's also campaign songs and dancing, so it's very different that what I'm used to see in Finland. This guy is the new president btw.

1. This is how I look when I'm in the library and I should study but I can barely keep my eyes open.
2. Studying in a cafe. That's what I do almost daily. One of my favourite coffee shops has these new super nice booths perfect for studying.
3. One day our dinner was beer and nachos.
4. New Guardians of the Galaxy was amazing! I didn't like the first one that much, but this is so far my favourite movie of the year. Loved it!

1. Walking from Jongno to Myeondong. They have this lantern festival thing there every spring.
2. Saw this cute Star Wars shirt while looking wedding anniversary gift for my husband.
3. And this is what I got from my husband. We had our second wedding anniversary in May.
4. Street art seen in Hongdae some day when we went to eat our favourite American bbq.

1. Election day. Koreans use this stamp to mark their vote. Usually voters use stamp once on their hand too, but my husband is a bit special case.
2. Watching vote counting. It's hilarious in Korea with all these amazing animations! Here you can see our new president as an astronaut.
3-4. I went to VIXX concert. And it was pretty amazing once again. I was happily surprised that this concert was totally different than the previous one was. I had a chance to use my lightstick for the first time. Concert place had all lightstick synchronized so they changed colors and went on and off in sync. That was cool.

1. I'm still shocked how beautiful my husband is.
2. This new salad restaurant opened around my university. So good!
3. View from Ashley where we had buffet lunch some weekend before studying.
4. Summer arrived! I ordered some new flower print dressed from Yes Style and have been living in them ever since.

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