March -17 Through My Phone

1. Saw these very old Korean animation characters painted on street on our way to movie theater. It's a dinosaur. We went to see Logan. I'm huge X-Men and especially Wolverine fan, so I had really anticipated seeing this movie and must say that it was pretty hard to keep the tears inside in some parts. It was very good movie, but emotionally so heavy that I felt very down rest of the day.
2. Decided to try a new Mexican restaurant, but the food was pretty disappointing so not going there again. We don't drink alcohol basically ever, but they had beers with interesting flavours, so we decided to give it a try and share one bottle.
3. It was still cold in March! This HUGE scarf was amazing found from sales and cost only few thousand won. Money well spend.
4. My style has started to change in Korea... I wore only Converse shoes for years, but now I bought shoes like this. I was very unsure about them at first, but I'm glad that my husband encouraged me to buy them because I've been using them almost daily. Also the grey piece seen in picture is a great found from Spring sales. Wouldn't have guessed years ago that I would wear a light grey, huge, baggy wool coat, but now I love it!

1. Quick lunch from convenience store eaten in the library while studying. It has rice, tofu, and soy sauce, and it tastes good.
2. This new Magicarp hat in Pokémon Go was so ridiculous I of course chose to wear it.
3. Even Seoul can look pretty depressing in March. Sad to say but most of the greyness is caused by pollution. The air has been really bad this spring and in many days of March pollution has been in dangerous levels.
4. Mimi, grandma who looks like she hates her life (and us) most of the time. 

1-4. These pictures are all from the same day. I had wonderful time with hubby and felt really happy this day! We went to see Beauty and the Beast, but we didn't really like it... I've read everywhere that people loved it, but I wouldn't watch it again. I love to try new drinks that will be sold only a limited amount of time, so my movie drink was this cute pink strawberry cheesecake smoothie thing. After the movie, hubby took me to eat my first Korean style hotdog ever. For some reason they offer to roll your hotdog in sugar?! Only in Korea I guess... We chose ketchup and cheese instead.

1. Lunch with my friend from uni I hadn't seen in months. It was so nice to see her after a long time! We ate my favourite food 찜닭 (jjimdak).
3. My husband bought me this Korean slang word book some time ago, but I haven't really had energy to study it. Anyways, one day in my study group meeting girls used this word and explained to me what it means and I thought it sounded familiar from somewhere. Guess this book could be useful after all!
3. First flowers started to bloom. Finally, spring started to arrive.
4. And spring arrived to Starbucks too! Needed to try cherry blossom white chocolate, because it's pink. Drinking this one time a year is enough though.


  1. Siis APUA to starbucksin drinkki!! *_* <3

    1. Se oli kyllä niin överi kaikessa vaaleanpunaisuudessaan, että en voinut vastustaa :)


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