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I personally enjoy of reading about others' normal life, so I decided to make a post about my very typical Monday. If someone still thought that living and studying in Korea would be somehow glamorous, you will now see that my life is very far from that. :D But of course not all who are living here are a boring as I am! I could make another "day with me" -post when I actually do something nice or go somewhere if you like this kind of posts, but this post will give you a glimpse of my very typical day as a university student and a wife living in Korea. I will write this post in present tense, but it tells actually how my day was yesterday. I don't have time or talent to plan and stage every picture I take (and I would be too embarrassed to go to school with a real camera), so all the pictures are just quick snaps I took with my phone.

06:43 I wake up 10 minutes before my morning alarm. I stay in bed for a while and check what has happened in facebook and instagram while I was sleeping. Seems like the weather will be pretty nice today!

07:25 Finally, I get up, get dressed and start to make myself to look like a human. Usually I make my make up in our room, but Mondays I need to wake up earlier than my husband, so I'll do my make up in bathroom and let him sleep a bit longer.

08:05 Out!

08:13 Bus comes. I'm lucky and get a seat. Usually morning busses are super full, so getting a seat immediatelly feels like a luxury.

08:30 Bus arrives to our campus. I visit convenience store and buy some fruits and snackbars for this morning and for tomorrow. I leave always a bit too early from home if I have morning classes because you can never predict the traffic, so I have some time before I head to class. I eat a snackbar made of different kind of nuts as my breakfast.

8:45 Heading to class. My major's classes are held in this ugly social science building. I don't think I would qualify as an international student ambassador because I speak too honestly about my university... I visit a copy shop and buy some reading material for my other class before climbing to third floor where my class is held.

9:00 Class starts. Three hours of very basics of Korean language. We start with a quiz like usually. Questions are about occupations and numbers. I make one stupid mistake. Sometimes I forget the correct way to write very familiar words and might have silly errors. I do speaking practices with an exchange student from Germany and try to help her when she has difficulties to follow our teacher when she speaks only Korean and might change from topic to other very quickly.

11:50 Class ends! I had only this one class today so it's time for some homework reading. Today I decide to head to a coffee shop instead of library. I choose Coffee Bean because I saw advertisements that they should have new cherry blossom flavored drinks, but seems this shop didn't get them yet. My lunch today is a bagel and iced chai tea latte.

12:10 Time to study. I start with that material I bought earlier in the morning for my International Commerce Law class, and try to make notes of my part so I could explain it as clearly as possible to my groupmates. After I've done with it, I start to read for my class about Korean adoption. This article is interesting, but I wasn't prepared for its length, so I'm not able to finish it before I need to go.

15:50 Heading to my law class study group meeting. I meet weekly with three lovely Korean girls. This is my first study group ever and my first time to be included to Korean Korean group like this, so it's kind of exciting for me. Weather is really nice and sunny today. Our group leader has reserved a table for us from this building where I didn't had visited ever before these meetings. 

17:20 Our group meeting ends. Because the weather is really nice I decide to take the Pokémon Go gym down and collect my daily coins. We have few gyms and stops in our campus. Next to the gym we have this lovely magnolia tree that happens to be now in full bloom, so I can't resist to snap few pictures of it.

17:30 Usually I would go home after the study group meeting, but because I couldn't finish my readings and I have quiz coming the next day, I head to library to study some more. I finish my readings for Korean adoption class and have a quick look on my previous microeconomics homework.

19:17 Time to head home. It has become dark outside while I've been reading in the library.

19:23 I'm lucky and this time bus comes almost immediatelly when I arrive to the bus stop. Sometimes I need to wait even 15 minutes... Bus driver seems to be in a serious hurry so he hits me with the door when I enter the bus and drives like crazy.

19:45 Finally back home! My husband has arrived before me and because he is silly he is hiding from me... Like usually :D First thing I do is to take contact lenses out of my eyes.

19:58 Dinner time! One good thing about living with your parents-in-law is that there is usually some food ready if we don't want to eat something else. Finns eat a lot of potatoes, but I like this Korean way to eat spicy or soy sauced flavored potatoes. My brain isn't working in full power anymore, so I accidentally pour water to my bowl of rice instead of a cup...

20:21 Time to take a bit of rest. That means checking social media and cuddling with puppy and hubby. For some reason my whole legs hurt like crazy, so my dear husband offers to give me a massage.

21:10 I decide to review my notes and homeworks of microeconomics for next day's quiz. Because my other readings took more time than I thought, I don't feel as prepared for the quiz than I wanted to be.

21:40 Netflix time with hubby. We watch one episode of the Daredevil series.

22:46 I wash dishes, pack my backpack ready for next day, and start to prepare for going to sleep. I'm pretty exhausted after all studying and need to wake pretty early tomorrow morning.

23:00 Good night!

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