February -17 Through My Phone

Hi all! I'm here with some pictures from February. I've got few very nice comments lately and I would like to thank you for taking your time to write some kind words to me. I don't have many readers and even though I plan to blog time to time even without any interaction with readers (or without having any readers...), it's very motivating and makes my day when I hear that my blog has been useful or entertaining for someone. Right now I'm back to school and pretty busy with my studies, even though I'm taking a bit less credits than usually, but I'll plan to write soon about my course selection and how my previous semester went.

1-2. Korea University hoods. In my January post I told that I needed to hike a mountain to get to Kim Jaejoong's concert, so I took the first pic to show that Korea University's campus really is located on mountains. It doesn't look that high in the picture, but I'm glad I don't need to live in their dormitory and climb a big hill every day...
3. We took some pictures together in our last weeks of language class. I don't know what our teachers or my other classmates think about publishing pictures online, so I'll share only this one picture of me and my dear classmate from China. I must say that I kind of miss Korea University, studying Korean language, and my Chinese (and Mongolian) girls :(
4. Pastry that looked so cute but didn't taste very good... Couldn't resist to try it while reading for my Korean final exams.

1. I played lots of Pokemón Go! KU campus was pretty ideal place for some daily hunting. I really dislike to catch Clefairy because it gets out of the ball so easily (while laughing!) so wasn't too excited when the first day of Valentine's event looked like this...
2. Can't complain about our neighborhood. Feel lucky to walk in a park like this.
3. I waited this day for so long! Unfortunately my Snorlax isn't very good, so haven't had use for her so far...
4. Also caught my first (and so far only) Pokemón with perfect IV! But yeah not much use for Seaking either when there's +3000cp Pokémons on gyms...

1. Found a restaurant that serves perfect 감자탕 (gamjatang). It has super tender pork meat with bones in a bit spicy but delicious soup.  
2. One of my first favourite foods when I came to Korea, 닭갈비 (dakgalbi). Very spicy chicken served this time with lots of cheese and rice cakes filled with cheese. This restaurant served free wine with lunch! 
3. Japanese ramen. This is something we would likely eat when my husband can choose what to eat.
4. It's strawberry season in Korea so every cafe is serving lovely strawberry cakes and drinks. Korean cakes are often pretty disappointing, but this was actually very delicious. 

1-2. Our baby. This is how our typical weekends and evenings look like. I'm not always sure if she hates or loves us since she is a huge persona, but at least she is always happy when we come back home and ready for cuddles. 
3. Was surprised how hard it is to find Korean books translated to English... This book is fictional but tells about the times of Gwangju massacre. Unfortunately I haven't had time to read it much yet, but I'm looking forward on it since the author is from Gwangju herself.
4. On my way back home some day... In February sun started to stay up much longer and set down just after 6pm.

1-2. After my Korean language course ended, I had a one week vacation to do whatever I wanted! So one day I decided to visit COEX. I went to check SMTOWN's store too since I haven't been there in a while, but there was absolutely nothing I would have wanted to buy.
3-4. And then back to school. Girafarig used to greet me everyday in the main gate of our campus.

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