Current Music Favourites from Korea

To be honest I don't listen much music anymore. I used to be huge k-pop fan few years ago, but now I hear new songs just if the tv happens to be open when some music show is on. Usually it isn't. And usually the music (unfortunately) isn't worth listening. But sometimes there is exceptions and I have found some new songs I like! The main source of music for me nowadays are coffee shops where I might accidentally hear some nice songs while studying. Now I want to introduce some of my favourite songs from Korean cafe playlists!

My favourite rapper! Bewhy's songs have really cool mystical melody in them I happen to like a lot. I think he is super cool and even though some of his songs talk about God and his faith and I'm extremely atheist I enjoy to listen them. He has lots of great songs, but this song is one of my cafe favourites.

I love SNSD, but haven't been really interested of Taeyeon's solo career. Anyways now I've heard many songs from her and must admit that her first album is very good. This piano song is my personal favourite. This song also reminded me why I've thought that Korean is beautiful language.

And then some indie pop rock because I love the feeling of this song! Real good mood song. Hearing this makes me happier instantly.

And here comes my second favourite rapper. If Bewhy wasn't for you, maybe Zion T could be? He is also super cool and his recent music has been so chill. I think he has pretty unique voice and this is my favourite of his newer songs. "Machine Gun" and especially "Knock" from Show Me the Money were super great too.

Okay I'm not actually sure if I've ever heard this song in a cafe, but I wanted to include this group in my list since they are pretty much the only rookie group I'm a bit interested of. This song sounds like an anime intro and the "horror" concept with the song is really refreshing. These girls are so pretty too and many of them sound to be actually pretty great singers. I enjoy also their cover of Maroon 5's Lucky Strike.

BTS is one of the most popular boy groups in Korea right now, so I've happened to hear many songs from their album "Wings". My husband hates them, but I enjoy most of their songs secretly and have always admired their dancing skills. This song has very interesting beat in the chorus. After hearing k-pop everywhere for few years new songs don't really catch my attention anymore, but this song did. Another song I like a lot from this album is "Two! Three!".

I followed Produce 101 exitedly and voted my favourites daily, so I was very happy when my favourite girl Chungha was able to make it in the final group. Unfortunately their songs have been very dissappointing and I didn't really care about half of the girls in the group, but this last ballad is so good. When I heard it for the first time I couldn't believe that it's really sung by I.O.I! Chungha became known for her amazing dancing skills, but this song proves that she has also a really beautiful voice.

Ailee might be one of the most talented Korean female singers, and this song is my favourite from her. It came out years ago, but I heard it for the first time very recently in the cafe where I usually study.

More rap, but I think that it was actually the female vocalist who caught my attention when I heard this song for the first time.

I found out about this singer accidentally when I saw him performing in some music show and got amazed by his beautiful voice and talent. He was outstanding. Usually I find ballads to be extremely boring, but I really enjoy this song and "Making a New Ending for This Story", which plays in cafes a lot too. Amazing voice.

This song has serious Eurovision Song Contest vibes! I've heard this song many times and had no idea that Heechul sings it. He does pretty good job. Fun power ballad.

I've never really listened or liked B1A4, but this song is so good! I really like the chorus and feeling of this song.

Do you like any of these songs?

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