January -17 Through My Phone

I had my Korean language final exams last week and now I've succesfully finished the first level. I plan to write a post about my language studies soon! I didn't do much in January since my husband was very busy and I spend most of the time studying Korean, but anyways here's few pictures from January.

 1-4. It snowed again in January and this time the snow actually stayed on the ground for few days! This was the most of snow I've seen in Seoul so far. It was pretty while it lasted. Now I'm already SO ready for Spring!

1. It can't be really seen in the picture, but it was snowing heavily the whole day. But as a surprise there was no snow on the streets when we got out. In Seoul all snow just seems to magically disappear somewhere! We spend almost all our weekends in coffee shops studying.
2. January was so cold! And yeah I've lived through -30 celcius winters, but it doesn't make Korea's winters feel any less cold. Winter wind is so freezing here.
3. I've made one really great friend through my husband and managed to have a coffee date with her after a long time. My chili hot choco was super delicious and our drinks were so cute! Chatting/ranting time was well needed.
4. Part of our lunch from some weekend. We love Mexican food and this was so delicious! Thankfully there's plenty of pretty nice foreign food restaurants in Seoul.

1-4. Singer Kim Jaejoong finished his two years long military service and had two concerts to celebrate his new freedom and to greet fans. This was my first time to see him live so I was really excited. He was handsome, funny and sang really well (even though he had caught up by cold) and performed my favourite song, so it was nice. The concert was held in Korea University and I literally needed to hike a mountain to get to the venue in a really cold day... And then took some selfies being bored while waiting the concert to start.

1-4. Miracle! Pokémon Go came to Korea! Finally! I was so excited and caught the first pokémons from our bed. We are lucky and can reach one poké stop from our apartment, but unfortunately wild pokémons don't spawn inside our apartment often. It has been cold and my phone's battery hasn't been co-operating well because of that... Still I have left to class a bit earlier almost every day since the release to have some walk to catch some pokémons.


  1. Kiitos mielenkiintoisesta blogista! :) Oli mukava löytää tämä ennen ensimmäistä Etelä-Korean matkaa ja tutustua kirjoitustesi kautta etukäteen moneen sellaiseen asiaan, joita ei olisi netin lukuisilta matkasivustoilta ja matkaoppaista löytynyt. Matka on jo valitettavasti ohi, mutta onneksi sinne pääsee joskus uudestaankin. Etelä-Korea on ehdottomasti sellainen maa, johon haluan palata ja nähdä silloin muutakin, kuin Soulin lähiympäristöineen. :)

    1. Kiitos ihanasta piristävästä kommentista! Tosi kiva kuulla että kirjoitteluistani on ollut hyötyä matkaa ajatellen, pitäisi kirjoitella enemmän taas ihan vaan Koreasta yleisesti kun blogit toimii itsellekin tiedonlähteeni matkoja suunnitellessa. :) Itsekään en valitettavasti ole vielä paljon Soulin ulkopuolella reissannut, mutta näin pieneksi maaksi täällä on kyllä nähtävää ja koettavaa useammallekin reissulle!


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