Review: Tony Moly Pokémon Collection Part 2

My first mini review/haul of Tony Moly's Pokémon collection is one of my most viewed posts (read it here), so I thought that it would be nice to show the new items I've bought from this adorable collection. Their new products include skincare products, mascaras, and body products, but I purchased only eye palette, two lip tints and lip balm. Tony Moly has all Pokémon products on sale right now!












Tony Moly Pokémon Eye Palette #01 Pikachu
Price: 16,800 KRW
I bought this eye palette ages ago but it took forever for me to finally take pictures of it so I've been waiting to get to use it for a long time! These eye palettes come in two designs, Pikachu and Jigglypuff. Pikachu has brown shades and Jigglypuff red shades. I chose the Pikachu one because I use brown eyeshadows daily. This palette has two shimmery shades and one matte, which actually has some tiny glitter particles in it. All of the shades look pretty awful in my one sweep swatch, but their pigment is actually pretty okay and the matte one looks much better on eyes. One shade has 2g of product in it, so in total 6g.









Lip Care Stick #01, Pika Pika Get It Tint #01 & #03

Tony Moly Pika Pika Get It Tint #01 Clear Coral & #03 Red Joy
Price: 8,500 KRW
If I understood right these Pika Pika tints are previously released tints with new packaging. They come in three shades and I bought two of them, #01 which is bright coral shade and #03 which is bright red leaning on blue. Packaging is similar and same size with nailpolish packaging, so applicator is very short. I don't understand this double cork system or why it's necessary. These are long lasting tints and they transfer only when they get wet, like after drinking. I think they fade off pretty nice way so they are very easy products to wear all day. I've been using this coral shade almost every day since I bought it. It's the easy everyday shade for me that brightens my whole make up. Red Joy looks really dark in tube, but is actually pretty bright red. They have 9.6g of product in them.




Tony Moly Pokémon Lip Care Stick #01 Pika Pika Mango
Price: 7,000KRW
These Lip Care Sticks are some of the newest additions to Pokémon collection and they have Christmasy holiday packaging. This stick comes in three different variations. I got the #01 with Pikachu because it smells like mango. I think this is really basic lip balm and it's clear on lips. It smells amazing but doesn't taste good... It has 3.3g of product in it but if you roll all of the balm out it looks like there's plenty!


  1. It's not related to this specific post, but I just wanted to pop in and say that I've just read most of your blog posts since discovering it! Your experience relates to me a lot, since I'm a foreigner living in Finland too, and about to stay in Korea for 3 months (hence looking for info and blogs about Seoul). I entirely understand what you said about living in Korea and Finland, me personally is an introvert too, which makes life in my hometown (an asian country similar to Korea in almost every way) rather difficult. I thought moving to Finland might be easier for introverts, but despite living there for almost 3 years, it doesnt really feel like home, and I'm surprised that a Finnish might feel similar in that aspect to me, a foreigner - though you have your family, so it's always home to you. Have a nice day!

    1. Thank you for your comment! It's always nice to hear that someone is actually reading my posts. Are you from Vietnam? Life in Finland might be easier for an introvert than life in very family and friend centered Asia, but I'm sure that it's not always easy to be an Asian in Finland! There's many good things in Finland, but I don't miss my life in there. I miss only my family and friends (and fresh air!). I hope you enjoy your time in Korea and if you have any questions or worries in your mind don't hesitate to send me a comment or e-mail. :) Korea is super interesting place to visit, here's so much to see and do!


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