Happy New Year!


I just wanted to wish everyone happy new year and come to tell you that I've done some changes in my blog, and some things will start to change in future posts. I bought my own domain name so starting from this day you can access by blog through www.seoulfully.net, but I will still continue blogging with blogspot. I also try to make tags for my posts more organized, so if you need to look for something more specifically, there's now a search bar for it. Other changes are minor, but I try my best to make my blog more reader-friendly. Hope you will stay with me this new year!

Hyvää uutta vuotta! Blogissa on nyt ulkoasu hieman muuttunut ja olen tehnyt/teen pieniä muutoksia jotta blogi olisi mukavampi lukea ja käyttää. Blogin osoite on myös muuttunut, nykyisin löydät tiesi tänne www.seoulfully.net osoitteen kautta!

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