December -16 Through My Phone

I'm done with my Korean midterm exams so I have finally some time to share some pictures from December. Now when I have similar schedule every day because of my Korean language course it feels like time goes by super fast and I've totally lost count of days. I haven't had similar weekly hours with free weekends almost in ten years so this feels like something totally new to me! Feels like December was forever ago.


1. Went to look for some Christmas feeling from this absolutely lovely decoration store called Modern House. I want to buy everything from there and if I'm someday in need of Christmas decorations I know where to find them. Everything they sell is so pretty!
2. Send first Chrismas cards ever to Finland and some gifts for family too. 
3. New VIXX lightstick arrived! I felt a little bit sad last year in VIXX events because their lightsicks weren't sold in anywhere and almost everyone else had one... So when they announced that they will start to sell this new one I was so excited! I think the old version was prettier, but it didn't have strong enough light in it so it was barely visible in big events like Dream Concert. This will be much more visible in light oceans.
4. Musical date with my hubby, this time we went to see Monte Cristo. Leo had pretty small role in it, but we both enjoyed this musical a lot. Too bad that tickets to musical are usually really expensive because it would be nice to go more often.


1. Found this huge fierce Pikachu while shopping Christmas gifts in Myeongdong. 
2. And gift shopping caused me to by something for myself too. I just couldn't resist this book's beauty. Has been nice to re-live the movie through this book.
3. I had orientation for my language course in Korea University. I will make a post later about my language studies, but must say I was happily surprised by this orientation. It was very informative for students who have just arrived to Korea and it was delivered with four languages! Only a bit chaotic thing was the organization of how to get us all interviewed to get us placed to right levels. I waited my turn hours and was moved to three different places...
4. Last classes of winter semester. My Korean Literature professor had prepared us these huge organic apples! So sweet of him. He had even washed them personally... It might not be that easily seen from the picture, but this was the biggest apple I've ever seen in my life. More than two times the size of my hand.


1. I got a Christmas survival package from Finland! I was so happy I almost teared up a little bit, especially while reading silly message from my dear little brother.
2. Reading for finals is so much better while eating candy from Finland. Korea doesn't have good candies.
3-4. European Christmas Market with husband and his friend. We went there first time last year and I was a bit disappointed back then, so now I knew not to expect too much and just wanted to eat some good food. Even though this year they had even less food than last year... Anyways had more than enough to eat!


1-2. Mimi is the cutest thing I know. For some reason she really likes to sleep on my laptop. If I leave my laptop untouched I can be sure to find her sleeping on it. It makes me always so happy when she crawls to my lap.
3-4. In the middle of December I had my final exams in my own university and started my language studies in Korea University. For one week I needed to go between two universities... Classmates have been generous and have given me little treats once in a while.


1-2. I already wrote about my thoughts of Christmas, but Christmas Day we went to eat some delicious pork cutlet to Myeongdong and took some silly pictures of each other. We also visited Pokemon popup store, but left almost empty handed. They didn't have that much nice things there so I got Eevee evolution stickers for myself and a t-shirt for hubby.
3. Seoul's first snow few days before Christmas! It seems to be pretty rare in Seoul that snow would actually stay on ground. I've heard that some other cities in Korea can have really heavy snow, but in Seoul we don't have slippery roads for long.
4. And finally in New Year's Eve we had time to go to see Rogue One! We both had been waiting for it and both of us also enjoyed it a lot.

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