Top 11 Movies of 2016

Like I have probably mentioned before, we as a couple are a bit of a movie freaks. Before meeting my husband I used to watch movies only at home so I watched mostly older movies, but now here in Korea we go to see new movies to theater pretty often. I thought it could be nice to share my favorite movies of the year 2016! Unfortunately we both have been bit busy past few months so we haven't seen yet all the movies we want to see, so here are the best ones I've seen so far. I'll share my top 11 because I had already written this post with top 10 before seeing Rogue One and I want to include that one too.

Doctor Strange
I went to see Doctor Strange without any expectations because my husband had really been waiting for it, and I was really happily surprised. Best superhero movie of the year! And for me actually the best movie of the year. Really well made, really interesting story, and funny in a not too forced way. Must see!

Florence Foster Jenkins  
I just loved this movie. Wasn't a huge fan of Meryl Streep or Hugh Grant, but in this movie they really proved why they are so widely loved. Acting couldn't be any better than this! The Big Bang Theory star Simon Helberg didn't disappoint either. This movie is based on a true story. It made me laugh and love this rich old lady portrayed by Meryl Streep.

Another amazing super"hero" movie of the year. A bit different in a nice way. Because this movie is not meant for kids it's bloody and filled with dirty humor. Ryan Reynolds was perfect for this role. Story is interesting too. Deadpool came out in the beginning of the year and put the standard for other movies really high. Looking forward to see the next movie.

Rogue One
As a pretty new fan of Star Wars movies (ex-hater actually) I enjoyed Rogue One a lot! It might be partly because all Star Wars related things in general are pretty cool, but I think it was well filmed movie. Most of the characters were likeable and worked well together, but my personal favorite was blind Chirrut Îmwe. I love Darth Vader so I was also super excited that he had small part in this movie. I think I got some chills when he appeared on screen for the first time. And because Carrie Fisher passed away just few days before I saw this movie, seeing her in the end made me almost tear up a little bit.

Me Before You
I was so scared that I would hate this movie because the book woke really strong feelings in me. I actually cried while reading the book and felt devastated for days after finishing it, so I thought that book like this couldn't be as touching in movie version. But oh how wrong I was! It was one of the best book based movies I've ever seen. Me Before You could be worth watching even for people who don't usually really care about romantic movies because it has very sad twist in the story and isn't the normal romance you have used to see in movies. And Emilia Clarke is perfect in her role! I loved her! Even just her amazing eyebrows are able to deliver all the feelings she wants you to feel too. Really, you must check her eyebrows.

Great animation not only for kids but definitely worth for every adult to watch too. Extremely detailed pretty artwork. You can see every hair in the animals furs! Beautiful work addressing racism, prejudices and discrimination without being too heavy in a kid-friendly form.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
I'm Potterhead and will always be, so of course I love the idea of new movies happening in Rowling's world of magic. To be honest, I've never liked Harry Potter movies that much and watched them only because I loved the books so much and it was nice to see all those places of the books with my own eyes, but Fantastic Beasts is different. It's actually a really great movie! Beats all Harry Potter movies without a question. Lovely to see a (fellow) Hufflepuff as a main character. Little romance between a muggle and a witch was super cute.

Captain America: Civil War
And another great superhero movie. Very interesting and even a bit of political movie questioning the work of superheroes. Is the destruction they cause justified by the lives they save? Should superheroes use of power be regulated? And as a bonus new Spider Man is so funny that for the first time I'm actually waiting to see the new Spider Man movie! I thought based on the title that this could be boring fighting scenes through whole movie, but it was great.

La La Land
Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling meet again! I've loved Gosling more than 10 years and if you ask me there's no better actor to act the male lead role in a romantic movie than him. Both of them do great work in acting, singing, and dancing in this movie and you will really start to root for the couple. This is just my thought, but I think that for a musical this movie didn't have enough songs and it would have worked well even without those performance songs with just the power of jazz since the male lead is a musician. Anyways the songs are great and I'm not too familiar with the genre of musical movies so who am I to say. We have been listening the soundtrack after the movie and all those songs just get better after every listen. This movie makes you question the decisions of your life and think what would have happened if things would have gone differently, even if you would be living a happy life right now. What if...

Bridget Jones's Baby
I'm not that big fan of Bridget Jones, but I loved this new movie! Really funny romantic comedy that surprised me very positively. I thought that Bridget would have lost her charm after all these years, but I was wrong. Bridget is still as charming as she used to be years ago. My favorite of the Bridget movies. I want to watch this again!

Sing Street
Young boys living in Dublin in the 1980s start a band because the singer wants to impress a girl he likes. School bullies, 80s make up, nice music, teenage crush. I love all the songs in this movie. Liked this much more than what I expected.

Other 2016 movies I saw: Kung Fu Panda 3, Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children, The Magnificent Seven, Train to Busan, The Secret Life of Pets, Suicide Squad, The Jungle Book, Eddie the Eagle, How to Be Single, X-Men: Apocalypse, A Violent Prosecutor, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

2016 movies I need to watch: Manchester by the Sea, Loving, Passengers, Moana, Finding Dory, The Nice Guys, Teit Meistä Kauniin
Movie I didn't finish: The Lobster. I've read so much praising reviews about this movie and even though I've watched a lot of weird movies and usually like dark humor I really hated this... I tried to watch it in a plane while having serious migraine and nausea, so maybe I need to give it a new try. :D

What is your top 10 for the year?

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