November -16 Through My Phone

I've been super busy lately! Last week was pretty exhausting. I had my final exams so I tried desperately read for those and write reports. My Korean language class started too. Because I studied Korean 4 hours every day I couldn't read for my exams as much as I wanted. I'm not taking Korean course in my own university, so I needed to go between two universities... Gladly they are not that far away from each other and now all finals are done! Some of the exams were really difficult and I failed them totally, but I will write more about past semester later when I will get all my grades. Here is some pictures from November!

1. Staircase walls of our uni are full of different kind of advertising posters and sometimes they have nice pictures in them, like this cute Darth Vader.
2. Because my professor was organizing this conference, I spend one day sitting there listening some presentations about international issues related to Asia and especially to Korea. It was pretty interesting and we heard of many different kind of topics, like North Korean soft power and about Hallyu from international business perspective.
3. Christmas arrived to Starbucks immediately aften Halloween. Their Christmas items are so cute!
4. And so did first Christmas lights. Lotte Department Store's were the first ones I saw.

1-4. In November autumn leaves were showing their prettiest colors. Weather was also really nice and it was warm enough to go out in leather jacket... In the end of November most of the leaves dropped suddenly in a day.

1. We met my husband's old friend together, ate in Itaewon and had these delicious little pies. Pumpkin pie & lemon meringue.
2. Picture from the cafe where I spend almost every Monday and Friday studying (and being lazy and reading blogs...). Not many people in day time.
3. Sometimes we are lucky and professors might buy snacks for us to eat in class.
4. So dark at 7PM while going back home, but yellow autumn leaves are pretty in lights.

1. These warning boards appeared to our campus.
2. My husband was in a bad mood one day so I send him really silly Snow-app pictures of myself to cheer him up. This one is one of the not so embarrassing ones.
3. Befote pepero day convenience stores started to sell this new pepero shaped chocolate bread.
4. And in pepero day I got so much peperos from my husband! 11.11 is pepero day in Korea when people give these chocolate covered cookie sticks to their loved ones and friends. Last year my husband thought that we are too old for this, but this year I got them as a surprise. Happy wife!

1-2. I'm the one who always buys if I see something new, or even better, something new and cute in convenience store. Now there's many different kind of Pokémon breads/pastries and other items in stores. In first picture apple jam pastry and second banana-strawberry flavored milk. Unfortunately both were pretty awful... But with pastry you will get a Pokémon sticker!
3. Pokémon Go hasn't been released in Korea (still!!!), but my husband likes these other Pokémon games, so he had pre-ordered one for me too in hopes that I would try playing it with him. I tried and played the Sun version through already. Was fun! I didn't had tried playing since Gameboy Color, but surely want to play in the future too.
4. Celebrated my friends birthday with meal in Moomin cafe. You can read my post about cafe Moomin&Me here.

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