Cafe: Moomin & Me

Time to introduce new theme cafe! I wanted to visit Moomin & Me since I heard that Moomin themed cafe had opened in Seoul, but it took a while until I actually went there. My Finnish friend had her birthday a week ago so we had a good excuse to visit this cafe together. It might come as a surprise to some people that Moomins are actually originally from Finland, and we are extremely proud of them. Moomins were first introduced in books and comics but to children born in late 80s and through 90s they were important part of our childhood in the form of Japanese-European collaboration animation. Moomins have been very popular in Japan since the animation came out, but to Korea they arrived pretty recently. I think that many Koreans buy Moomin products because of the cute characters without knowing that they are based on stories and have really long history, these products just suddenly appeared to the streets of Seoul.

I apologize my bad quality pictures! It was too dark for my camera. :(

Snufkin, probably not the most popular character in here because he doesn't have the cute shape of a Moomin, but so beloved by Finns

Moomin & Me has four floors. Underground is a picture zone, because selfies are a very big deal here. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures from there, but it's supposed to look like Moomin valley tries to imitate some scenes and places that are shown in the animation. First floor is a Moomin store. They sell many products imported from Finland with Finnish designs, but also some Korean Moomin themed cosmetics and other stuff. Moomin products are expensive everywhere, but of course the prices are a bit more expensive here than in Finland. Second floor is a colorful cafe floor. They had few separate tiny rooms where to hang out with a group of friends. And the third floor is a restaurant, where we headed to. Prices could be worse, I think our meals were 16,000-17,000 KRW. Unfortunately my pork cutlet was one of the worst pork cutlets I've ever eaten, but it looked cute for sure... Alcohol-free bottle of bubbling Moomin drink costs 50,000 KRW! 

What did we think about Moomin & Me then? I'm not sure what our company who are not that familiar with Moomins thought, but we Finns who spend their childhood with these characters weren't too impressed. They came up with the concept to the half way, but there's many things that could have been done better. One of the things we didn't really like was their music choices that didn't support the theme at all. In some floors they played basic k-pop, but in the restaurant they played rap music with dirty lyrics while Moomin movie going on in the background... It's nice place to visit once, but we felt it was targeted for Korean taste, not for dedicated Moomin fans. Moomin animations use really interesting, even a bit scary musics to create wanted athmosphere. We expected to hear original Moomin music, but maybe it could be too much for persons who are not familiar with the animation? We visited there Saturday evening and were very surprised that the restaraurant was empty. I can't recommend the food but they have some good looking drinks and cute treats in the cafe!

If you want to get more information about the cafe, or see more pictures, check their website I just noticed that the subway map that I've used in my blog isn't updated to the newest routes, so while I'm trying to find better map for my furute posts, they offer pretty good instructions for how to find the cafe in their website. Closest subway stop is Apgujeong Rodeo.
Opening hours: 11.00-22.00

Suomalaisille lukijoille, en muista nähneeni Mörköä missään!

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