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Lovely Christmas designs and so moist, but the flavors were not that christmasy. Christmas tree was strawberry flavored.

Cute 3D cards I send to Finland
Starbucks has always so pretty Christmas items
This is the Finnish show where kids can call and talk with Santa Claus. Unfortunately they had cut all the cartoons away from between so I gave up and watched only a bit of it...

This is my first Christmas abroad. First Christmas without my family. In Finland Christmas is the biggest holiday of the year. I'm atheist, so Christmas doesn't have any religious meaning to me, but I'm definitely a Christmas person. I had my teenage angst years when I couldn't care a less of Christmas, but then my younger siblings came to that age that they started to enjoy it and I got my Christmas spirit back. I love to buy Christmas gifts! Especially if I know the person so well that I know their taste or what they want. I would say that I'm pretty good at buying gifts because I always to try to keep in mind if I hear someone saying they would want something but they end up not buying it by themselves. So even this year I bought few gifts for my family and send them back to Finland. I also love Christmas decorations. Last year it felt amazing to go back to Finland for Christmas because every house we visited had real Christmas feeling. My family, especially my mom, puts a lot of effort on decorating her house.

In Twosome Coffee all workers had these Christmas hats in December
From European Christmas Market
Curch's colorful Christmas lights next to our house
Starbucks' Christmas cups are so pretty this year

In Finland Christmas is family holiday. Everything closes down for few days and people spend time with their families and visit their relatives. Christmas Eve is usually the main celebration day when we give gifts, the day that children wait even more than their own birthdays. In the morning we watch cartoons and Santa Claus taking calls from children. Then rest of the days we spend eating too much Christmas food, chocolate, and just being lazy with our families. It's also the time of the year to think of those relatives who we have lost. There's no Christmas for me without visiting my grandmother's grave. Graveyards become really beautiful because they are full of candles lit for the loved ones who have passed away.

I thought this display was pretty interesting...
Beautiful display in home decoration store. I want to buy everything from this store!
Our university had Christmas trees too
Christmas lights behind shopping centre

In Korea Christmas is romantic holiday for couples. Couples go to have dates and those who don't have boyfriend/girlfriend might meet up with their friends. Kids might get few gifts, but families don't get together to celebrate, or really exchange gifts. Only some people decorate their homes, maybe buy a small Christmas tree. Families might buy a cake decorated in christmasy way. Even though there's Christmas lights and trees all around the city and coffee shops come up with their Christmas menu in the beginning of November I feel that Christmas stays outside of homes. Pretty displays everywhere, but not the same feeling we have in Finland. I guess Korea's style is more cheerful with party mood when in Finland it's peaceful time to calm down and rest a bit. I got a post package from Finland few weeks before Christmas and almost teared up a little bit. This is the time of the year when I miss my family the most... And I decided that it's easiest if I just try to forget that it's Christmas at all. My husband has been very busy all weekend, so it has been one normal weekend for us. Christmas Eve we ate pizza and watched some movies, and today we had a Korean style Christmas lunch date as a couple. I wish that next year we will have our own little home to decorate, and maybe spend it in Finland. I guess that first Christmas abroad is the most difficult and the years after that will be easier?

Lotte Department Store was the first one with their Christmas trees
Perfect Christmas gift I got from my husband

Merry Christmas to all who celebrate!

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