October -16 Through My Phone

Winter has arrived to Seoul and past few days the temperature has gone under zero celsius. I will miss the beautiful colors of autumn we had. And only three weeks of this semester left! Honestly I'm a bit horrified about the upcoming final exams. Anyways, I came to share few pictures from October.

1. One thing I love about Seoul is the cafe culture. After buying one drink you can usually stay as long as you want and is totally okay to even take a nap in your table. Common view especially close to exam period.
2. Preparing for new year and bought a new calendar! I don't use my phones calendar at all and choosing a new paper calendar is something I really enjoy every year. Couldn't resist those baby giraffe stickers and started to decorate important days with them.
3. Homework for trade theory. This course is so difficult...
4. Husband came one day to have lunch with me between my classes when he still had time. Should visit Kyunghee University's surroundings more often because there seems to be lots of restaurants, cute cafes and cool street art like this.

1. Husband's friend got married. This was my third Korean wedding and the first one where I wasn't the only foreign guest! They had amazing singers in their family so really enjoyed the performances. I don't know if I mentioned before but Korean wedding ceremony is usually very short and one of the most important thing seems to be to get nice pictures of the day. Photographers are allowed to go everywhere and sometimes they go so close to microphones that you can hear just loud clicking noise of cameras... After the ceremony you can eat and then you are free to go!
2. Studying for midterms... In this picture human security. Pretty interesting stuff.
3. Spao had collaboration with Pokémon and couldn't resist these shirts! Eevee for me, Pikachu for hubby.
4. Pollution was so bad... Desperate try to take pictures of the first autumn leaves.

1. Bought some new Pokémon make ups, should just take some proper pictures to blog about them.
2. Udon noodles. Husband loves this kind of food and I think it doesn't taste pretty much anything. After this spend some time in board game cafe.
3. Korea University's pretty autumn trees. I went to leave my language course application and starting from December I will study some Korean language there.
4. Mimi doesn't understand the use of computer at all, I should cuddle with her instead.

1-2. Something pretty interesting happened in our campus. One morning we heard that there's a bomb threat in the on campus dormitory. Whole place was filled with different kind of 119 cars, soldiers and SWAT guys. Haven't been so close to armed men before! Felt pretty funny to see reporters to rush there and run out from their cars like in the movies. Thankfully there wasn't any bomb. I don't know if this is true, but one person took the blame and said she had been cleaning their major's room and she used to collect the trash in to luggage. Because the trash was smelly she put the luggage on the aisle outside the room and wrote in the luggage that there's possibly explosives because she didn't want cleaning ladies to take it. True or not, who knows...
3-4. I cut my hair! Love my new almost half shorter haircut. And we celebrated my mother-in-law's lunar birthday. Sister and niece-in-law visited and brought their maltese puppy with them. He is so energetic!

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