September -16 Through My Phone

I'm finally back! Feels stupid to post two digest posts in a row but since October is ending soon I want to get this September post out before it. I had my midterm exams at university last week so past few weeks surely kept me busy studying. I've got some of the exams back and some of them came back with good grade, some not that good... Feels like this semester has been much more difficult for me than what the previous have been. Must try even harder with finals, even though now it looks like I will be studying Korean my whole winter break and my course will start the same week when I'm still taking my finals. I'll post more about my language studies when I'm sure if I got accepted.

1. What would be a month without pictures of Mimi? Here she is hiding behind me because apparently husband cutting onions was very scary.
2. My father-in-law had his birthday in the beginning of September so we went to eat together and my sister-in-law and her cute daughter came too. We are bonding slowly! She is shy but nowadays she comes to show her things to me and even holds my hand sometimes. I think she thinks her uncle is scarier than I am ;)
3. Just some streetart close to Sangsu station on our way to have some lunch
4. And this is part of what we ate. Went to eat some mac&cheese and pulled pork to our favorite American restaurant. Really affordable and delicious food!

1. In September was also the Korean Thanksgiving, Chuseok. We drove early in the morning to countryside to have meal with my father-in-law's brothers and their families. I met them for the first time so I was a bit nervous, but everything went well. This picture is of a ritual called jesa. Basically all the men of the family participate on a ritual where they offer food for ancestors' spirits. After the ancestors have eaten others can finally eat the food ;)
2. My mother-in-law's parents live close by where we visited on Chuseok and they had some free puppies, so we took this cute puppy with us and gave it to the grandparents, and spend some time in their countryside home. People always say that Chuseok traffic is really the worst and they weren't lying. While driving countryside roads there wasn't that much other cars but when we arrived back Seoul we spend almost two hours for the last 10 kilometres!
3. Sweet Rilakkuma bread before morning class. To Koreans sweet pastries are bread too. Salty bread is hard to find. Everything is sweet. Even potato chips.
4. A day before my birthday we had a date with husband in Myeongdong. We had lunch in Japanese restaurant and ate some yakkisoba and okonomiyaki.

1. Got Pokemon make ups as a birthday gift from hubby. Have been using them everyday ever since.
2. I also got new shoes! I had planned to buy new shoes a looong time. I've been Converse girl past 10 years but even though I don't want to admit it, Converse shoes totally killed my feet in our trips in Japan and Prague. These feel very comfy.
3. First day after my birthday. I'm 27 years old now. I'm sick in this picture but needed to study. I got sick on my birthday and it continued the rest of the month. First I got the most horrible stomach pains I have ever had in my life, then fever, then other stomach problems, and after that just a really bad flu that lasted over a week.
4. Watermelon milk for the morning economic class. I've tried few new flavors, mango might be the best.

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