Review: Tony Moly Pokémon Collection

To be honest this won't be a real in detail review, but I want to show what products I got from Tony Moly's new Pokémon line and tell few thoughts about them too. I had contained myself with other cute collaboration collections, but when it comes to Pokémons I couldn't resist. I was really lucky and my husband had bought part of these as a surprise for me, and rest of them I got as a birthday gift from him. There should be few more make up products coming out I'm really looking forward to, even though at least some of those are just previously released Tony Moly products with new packaging. Read the part 2 here.

Isanghessi Pore Foam Cleanser & Pikachu Moisture Foam Cleanser
One tube has 150ml pruduct in it and costs 7,900 KRW. These used to be in 1 + 1 offer, so really affordable. Pikachu is supposed to smell like sweet vanilla and Isanghessi, Bulbasaur in English, should smell like clean green tea. But they do not! I think their smell is almost exactly the same. Fresh and citrusy maybe with a hint of olive oil, which I like. Like you can see in the pictures, they also look exactly the same. I compared their ingredient lists and they have only few different ingredients in the end of the list. I have tried both of these and if I wouldn't see the tube, I wouldn't know which one I'm using. I don't know if you can see the difference in long time use, but I highly doubt it. I think that you can buy these just based on the pokémon you like the most. They have four different type of foams, Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle. The foam itself feels really nice and smooth with small bubbles and cleans well. Good basic product!

Eevee Hand Cream
One tube has 30ml product in it and costs 5,900 KRW with 1 + 1 offer. There's 8 different scents, with 8 different pokémon printed on the tube. Eevee smells like powder. The scent is pretty nice but really strong and long lasting, so people who are sensitive to smells should maybe be careful. I wouldn't be able to use this if I feel that migraine attack is coming. It is not the most moisturising hand cream, but great for daytime use because it absorbs really quickly.

Pikachu Moisture Mask Sheet 
If I understood right these masks are free gifts you can get when you buy other products, so you can't purchase them. I haven't tried this yet and since I don't have experience of sheet masks, I'm afraid I can't say much about this.

Almost full coverage with two layers

Pikachu Mini Cover Cushion, 01 Sand Beige
The amount of product is not mentioned in anywhere of the package, but homepage told me that this has 9 g of product with the price of 12,800 KRW. There's two shades with different picture of Pikachu in it and I got the lighter one, 01 Sand Beige. Koren page calls this same shade with a name Skin Beige. I kind of thought at first that this cushion is meant to be used as concealer because it's so tiny, but it is meant for your whole face and you can layer it to get a higher coverage. Coverage of this is really great! Medium to full coverage. It is easy to layer and super fast and easy to use. Because the coverage is so good and it's so easily blendable to skin, only small amount of product is enough for full face. Finish of this is dewy so I powder it to look satin. I think the shade is pretty neutral and matches well with my skin. Unfortunately it just doesn't look really good on my skin... Otherwise the product is so great, but it emphasizes my pores really nasty way. I didn't even know that I have visible pores in my forehead, but if I apply this product I will surely have. And it doesn't look good on my face as long as it should for my needs. Poke-ball puff is the cutes ever! But a bit hard to use because you can fit only two fingers in it.

Purin Peach Pact, 01 Cotton Vanilla
5 grams of product with 8,500 KRW. There's two shades with different Jiggplypuff printed on the package and I have, of course, the lighter one. The packaging is cute, but looks pretty cheap and unfinished. Lovely peach scent! I also like that the puff has it's own seperate place under the powder. Pretty basic powder pact, but with a sunscreen of SPF 42 PA+++!

Pokémon Nailpolish
One nailpolish costs 3,000 KRW. Out of 6 different shades I chose the number 6, Jigglypuff. It's cold toned light pinky violet with a bit of blue shimmer. Really sheer with one layer. In my picture I had two layers and I think it would have full coverage with three. Lasted in perfect condition for three days without top coat.


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