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Instead of writing this post I should actually be reading since I will have my midterm exams after a week, but everyone needs a little break sometimes, right? I haven't been recently as productive with school as I planned because I've been pretty sick this past week and needed to rest more than usually. Hope I can catch up with my schedule. Then a bit about August! I thought that this August was one of the most boring months I've ever experienced and that we didn't do anything, but now after watching these pictures it looks like we did at least as much as any other month. I think it felt like this because we had just came back from Finland and were basically locked up inside the whole month because Seoul was experiencing the hottest summer in years. Everyday was over +30 degrees (celcius), usually around +35, in shadow and with this humidity it is no joke. So instead of enjoying our free summer month doing nice things outside, we spend most days inside with the aircon and had small walks in the evening. And still suffered of sweatiness immediatelly after stepping out of the house!

1. Thai food in Itaewon. Tasty but too spicy and fatty.
2. What could be better way to spend incredibly hot and humid summer day than watching new movies in theater with cool aircon? In August we went to see Suicide Squad, The Secret Life of Pets and Florence Foster Jenkins. Surprisingly the latter one was my favorite! I didn't have any expectations for the movie. I'm not big fan neither of Meryl Streep or Hugh Grant and agreed to see this movie just because our beloved The Big Bang Theory actor Simon Helberg was in it, but I absolutely loved this movie! It was so funny and Meryl Streep was absolutely amazing and lovely in it, and so were all the other actors. Highly recommended, one of my favorite movies of the year. Suicide Squad was a bit dissappointing, but who wouldn't love gorgeous Margot Robbie as a Harley Quinn. I did too, but otherwise the movie was just okay. And the picture is from COEX mall's huge movie theater where we saw The Secret Life of Pets. It wasn't anything life changing, but pretty nice animation. Must say I prefer smaller theaters with more cosy athmosphere, but in COEX the seats were paired like that that there was a lot of space to put your stuff between you and the strangers next to you, which is of course a plus haha.
3. Crazy hot day at Pangyo, it was really like being in an outside sauna! Pangyo is a city nearby Seoul and my sister-in-law family lives there, so we went to visit them and had dinner together. Husband's cutest niece was brave enough to hold my hand for the first time! It was nice to see them but I got horrible migraine so traveling wasn't comfortable.
4. And finally, something new for us Harry Potter fans! I grew up with reading Harry Potters and I was a pretty huge fan, even participated fan gatherings and stuff, so I can't describe the happiness while reading this play. I read it in one evening and I'm one of the fans who absolutely loved it. Oh how I whis that I could see this play...

1. One of those days when I got to notice once again that Korean's do not know concept of personal space. Basically there was few meters of free space for old ladies to walk pass me but they decided to walk my side of the white line instead, where it was maybe 30cm of free space. Anyways this picture was taken while I was waiting to meet one lovely lady who is also living in Korea with her Korean husband. It was really nice to chat with a nice person like her who is in similar situation. This wasn't my only meeting of August with a person I haven't met before, because I also met one Finnish girl who started her studies in Korea same time with me and we have planned to meet for a year. Was so nice to meet her finally!
2. Took a walk after getting pissed of sitting whole day inside with headache. Almost died because of the heat. Actually I had migraine attacks 3-5 times a week in August, so that's part of the reason why August wasn't my favorite month...
3. I bought this book before finishing Me Before You and then I was so devastated about the ending that I couldn't even think about reading this sequel... After 8 months I finally did and didn't like it that much.
4. I'm not much a meat eater, but this migh be one of my favorite foods in Korea. Marinated and grilled super thin slices of meat with kimchi jjigae.

VIXX's concert! Must say it was a rough day. It was at least +35 degrees all day long and the humidity was so bad I was seriously melting. Thankfully we got these fans seen in the third picture for free so it helped me not to collapse. I went to the stadium one hour before they started to sell merchandice and there were seriously thousands of people lining before me already at 10:30. It was a long wait in that heat. I think I was done with my purchases around 2 pm. Many items were sold out before my turn came, but I got everything what I wanted. Concert was great but sooo hot! I felt so bad for the boys to see how much clothes they needed to wear and how much they were sweating already after few songs. Because we were sweating like crazy in the audience just sitting! Needed to use that fan I got pretty much all the time because seems like there's no aircon in the gymnasium stadium. I remember it was hot in the fanmeeting too and this time was so much worse. Poor VIXX. Anyways the concert was amazing with rock band versions of their old songs and their just released new songs were so good live.

1. My parents-in-law don't have freedays, ever, if they don't plan them well beforehand. They wanted to have little summer holiday with their friends, so we spend few evenings with husband taking care of their billiard club.
2. Like I already mentioned I had migraine most part of the August so I needed some more medicines. This is how pharmacy packs your medicines even if they aren't for daily use if the meds are meant to be taken together. We have found one nice doctor who speaks English to me but he was absent that day so we decided to visit another hospital and even though the doctor was young he didn't try to talk to me at all. I'm really lucky that I have my husband to visit doctors with me, but it's not the same than explaining my situation to doctor by myself. Like this time, I didn't realize to tell to my husband what type of medicine I don't want and ended up getting a painkiller that doesn't work for me at all. Which I could have told to the doctor if he would have told to me what medicines he was planning to give me. Felt so tired with my pain and sad not to be able to tell what's wrong with me I might have cried a little later...
3-4. Both pictures are from Jongno, but from different days. We like Jongno. It's not that popular place for young people to hang out than some other areas, but there's lots of really good restaurants.

1. One evening we went to Gangnam with our friend couple. After having American style dinner we played some games in a board game cafe.
2. And then school started... I was kind of happy actually because I had been so bored!
3. Third book I read. I like Murakami but this book not that much.
4. Lastly, cute Mimi because there can't be too much cute dog pictures!

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