Trip To Nami Island

We went to Nami Island almost exactly a year ago, so my facebook feed reminded me to write this post. Even though my pictures are old I wanted to share these and write few words of this tiny island, so better late than never? Nami island (in Korea known as Namiseom or Naminara) is small island located to Gangwon-do, 60km away from Seoul. The island is actually a micronation, called and advertised also as Naminara Republic. They have even created their own pasport. There's good instructions online how to go there, but we decided to take a train. From train station we needed to take a short bus ride, and after that a ferry to the island.

Why is Nami island so popular then? Because of trees. Nami is popular filming location for tv shows and dramas and beautiful paths lined with tall trees seen in television attract visitors. Something was filmed there when we visited, too. Maybe the most famous show filmed there is called Winter Sonata and there's many spots dedicated to the drama. I haven't watched it, but I think it might be part of the reason why Nami island is so filled with couples. It's pretty romantic place to spend a day. And of course take pictures! It's not uncommon to get asked by some couple to take a picture of them, and that's how we got a picture of us taken in return.

There's two ferries operating, trip doesn't take long
Those black spots are people who chose an alternative way to go to the island instead of a ferry

Squirrels were everywhere! They have two different kinds, others are really big and dark brown
Cute slippers in our hotel room's balcony
View from our hotel room's balcony

Winter Sonata is the most famous drama filmed in the island

Nami is great place to visit anytime of a year and it's small enough that you can experience it in one day. We went there pretty recently after getting married and wanted to do something special together, so we decided to book a hotel and stay over night. Our timing to go there was really great because we didn't have running water at home in almost a week that time, so at least we got to shower in peace! Our hotel room was nice, but all the rooms are unique and we got one of the weirdest one with naked babies and feet painted on the wall. When you book your room you can choose which designer's room you want, but unfortunately the hotel was totally booked when we reserved our room so we didn't have other option.

There's many things to see and do. In summer time different kind of water activities could be nice to experience. If you get tired of walking you can rent a bike and ride around the island. The nature is beautiful and those famous trees are really worth seeing. There's many walking paths to choose from. I would wait there until it will start to get dark because the athmosphere is really different when it's not that crowded and the lights are lit. Especially the path with balloons hanging from trees was really beautiful in the evening time.

Winter Sonata theme continues

The island has lots of recycled items and art.This soju bottle got a new life in restaurant

More information of the island and ferry's operating hours can be found from their website
Entrance fee, also called as visa, is 10,000 KRW for Koreans. Foreigners should take pasport with them to get a ticket with special price of 8,000 KRW. Ferry rides are included on the price.


  1. Nami Islandille on pakko päästä joskus ;W; Pitää lisätä se mun listalle :D

    1. Nami on kyllä kiva paikka! Ehdottomasti käymisen arvoinen :)


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