Review: Etude House Real Powder Cushion

"Primer + BB Cream + Concealer + Powder Pact + Oil Control Powder
This innovative multitasking powder cushion provides all-day flawless face make up with light and powdery finish."

That's how Etude House describes their new Real Powder Cushion. As a user of matte finish products and as an owner of easily oily skin this was a must try product for me. I've liked all Etude House cushions I've tried before so I had high hopes for this one. How did it work then?

I bought the cushion in lightest shade, Light Beige. This cushion has three shades in total and this lightest one has been perfect for my slightly tanned super pale skintone. Light Beige is yellow toned shade. It has SPF 50+ and PA +++ like most of the bb creams I use. Etude's new cushions have renewed packaging and I personally like this thinner one better. It's significantly less bulky and looks more elegant than the previous one. New packaging has 14g of product in it. Puff is okay and big but it has one problem. Because the puff is basically same color than the bb cream is and not the typical blue, it's sometimes hard to see how much product you have in the puff. This cushion has thicker consistensy than cushions usually have, almost like a normal foundation or bb cream. Because of this you need to apply it carefully to achieve even result. Coverage of this cushion is best I've ever tried, medium to full coverage. It covers easily problems with un-even skintone and small visible veins I have in my face. I'm lazy to use concealer and with this product I don't really need it. The finish is powdery and looks really good without extra powder.

But does it do what it claims? It really has good coverage so I can skip the concealer, and it really has powdery finish too, but I don't agree with the other claims. I don't use primers in daily make up, but without one this really highlights all imperfections I have in my skin! It highlights pores, blackheads and dry spots. Good moisturizing is definitely needed before applying and still it looks awful especially in my nose. Oil control isn't that great either. Even though the finish is pretty without powdering, I use powder always. With good powder on top this looks fine maybe 5 hours, maximum, even though I'm not even that oily anymore. After 8 hours it looks patchy, sticky and looks like I would have really thick layer of it on my face, even if I had added powder in the middle of the day. That's not long enough for my use. It also doesn't like if I try to remove oils by plotting with paper. Another thing I don't like is the scent because it's just too strong. The smell is not bad, it's like really basic powdery parfume, but it's the strongest I've ever experienced and you can smell it for a while.

Would I purchase this product again? Sadly no. I really wanted to like this cushion, but it's not for me. I like more natural looking base nowadays, so I don't need this heavy coverage for everyday use. This product is definitely not light and not all-day lasting either like it claims to be, and that's what I would want it to be. It will also be way too drying for me after the humid summer is over. I will gladly use it as long as it lasts, but I won't purchase re-fill of it. If you are looking for matte finish cushion with high coverage and don't suffer of dry skin, this is worthy product to try!

Price: 18,000 KRW, doesn't include re-fill

Indoors without flashlight. From left to right Iope Air Fit Air Cushion Matte Long Wear shade C13, Etude House Real Powder Cushion shade Light Beige, Mamonde Cover Powder Cushion shade 17.

In daylight. From left to right Iope Air Fit Air Cushion Matte Long Wear shade C13, Etude House Real Powder Cushion shade Light Beige, Mamonde Cover Powder Cushion shade 17.

For some reason all my swatches look pretty much the same, but in reality Iope is the lightest and most neutral toned of all of these. Etude's Powder Cushion has the highest coverage, is most yellow toned and has most matte finish. Mamonde is much darker and has kind of orange under tone. I can use Iope and Etude, but Mamonde is too dark for me.

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