July -16 Through My Phone

I was happy that I was able to post more often this summer, but now I'm back to school so I won't have much time for my blog for a while. I will try to post at least few times a month, hopefully once a week, but I'm having so much to study and read for university that I can't promise anything. Anyways, here are the pictures of July. We spend the whole month traveling and with my family, so this post will be mostly about our time in Finland.

1. Airport duckface while waiting departure to Prague
2. Like I mentioned before, Prague is full of super ugly tags and graffitis. This was pretty much the best I could find.
3-4. After Prague we headed to Estonia with my mom and little siblings. Tallinn was cold and windy, but I have a post coming about it.

1. In Finland! My uncle taught hubby to drive a scooter
2. And then hubby taught my brother some Brazilian jiujitsu... And then they kept wrestling pretty much the whole month. I'm happy how well they got along and my brother's English skills developed a lot after he was brave enough to start to chat with brother-in-law by himself.
3. My bro is just cool like that. Viewing attractions of the tiny city where my family lives. There's Pokemon Gym too.
4. Hubby being cute. I dragged him out sometimes... Poor thing was really allergic in Finland (and scared of bugs).

1-4. And this is what we did everyday, started to play Pokemon Go! First generation pokemons were part of my childhood so I got so addicted to this game. It's so fun! I spend lots of time to catch my favorite pokemon, Eevee, and Onix was my first pokemon to put on a gym after fighting it down. Ponyta was a happy surprise from an egg. My brother was really jealous. I achieved level 12 while staying in Finland, and it wasn't easy. We played in such a small city so there wasn't much pokemons jumping out of the woods, and there was server errors all the time. Anyways it was super nice to play together with my husband and brother, sometimes my little sister joined us for walks even though she couldn't play with her phone. We are all team Instinct. Now I've been really struggling because the game doesn't work in Korea. I want to play! :(

1. Visited my sister for one weekend. And got her to play Pokemon Go too!
2. My sister had made this sign for us and was waiting with it at the bus station when we arrived, so sweet. Husband is called Jonkku/Yonkku by my family because Korean names are a bit difficult for Finns...
3. We also met my cousin, his gilrfriend and this little fabulous Corgi.
4. My younger little sister turned 14 and we had her birthday party at my aunt's home in the countryside. Nice time, good food and some outdoor games with relatives.

1-4. And one of the weekends we spend in my father's house. He lives right next to ocean so we could enjoy really Finnish things like boat rides, picking blueberries from the forest, swimming and sauna. And of course cuddled with the animals. For me the most precious time is to just do normal daily things with my siblings while I can.

1-4. Some random shots of Finnish nature taken while spending time with my little siblings and catching pokemons. The weather was really good while we were in Finland. Really fresh compared to Korean humidity, but warm enough for summer clothes. After living in Korea I really appreciate the clean air of Finland, no pollution and blue sky.

1. Hubby went to swim! I didn't. Too cold. Especially this day the wind was freezing.
2. In Finland we have this heavy metal band called Hevisaurus for kids and they play dressed as dinosaurs. Pretty cool. Mom had got us free tickets to this kid's day in one festival so we got to see few Finnish artists.
3-4. Last pictures together before leaving :(

1. We got the pokemon gym for few minutes at the airport before our departure
2-3. And when we were waiting our tickets to get checked and enter the plane we got suddenly upgraded to business class! I was so shocked my legs started shaking. Unfortunately I didn't get a window seat so I felt some motion sickness, but it was nice to have so much space to eat and change position. My medication for motion sickness didn't work well and I had migraine the whole flight, so I think it made me feel a lot worse. Food was better in business, but because I don't feel good on planes eating there is really difficult for me. I think this was kind of once in a lifetime experience for us because we can't afford business tickets. Husband really enjoyed his time, too bad I felt so sick that day... My guess is that we got the upgrade because the plane seemed to be really full and we had booked a bit better seats in the plane. Many people were interested to change to better seats, so now they could sell our seats with extra price to someone else. But who knows, thankful anyways!
4. We missed Mimi so much! She is so old and has some health issues so I was a bit scared that she might die while we are gone. Then when we arrived with our luggages she was so shocked she hid from us before she realized that it really was us. 


  1. Apua ihana corgimakkara ;W; Meillä kanssa 2 corgia :)

    Itse latasin Pokemon Go:n, mutta en sitten viitsinyt enkä jaksanut lähteä varta vasten ulos niitä metsästämään... Laiska mikä laiska :D

    1. Corgit on kyllä söpöjä :) Tää kuvan tyyppi on nyt aikuisena just uuteen rakastavaan kotiin muuttanut ja oli kyllä tosi reipas vaikka tuotiin kylään ihan uuteen paikkaan!

      Me käveltiin ton Pokemonin takia noin 10km joka päivä, mikä ei tosissaan pelaaviin verrattuna oo yhtään mitään :D Harmittaa ihan hirveästi ettei se täällä toimi kun täällä ois pokemoneja ja pokestoppeja varmaan ihan joka nurkalla.


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