Prague Trip - Part 6: Where And What To Eat In Prague

Last Prague post! I want to warn you that I'm definetily not a food blogger, so I'm not too good of taking pictures of food and these are just a really quick snaps in a bad lightning. Anyways, I wanted to share some Czech food with you and hint about some places where we ate. My husband really loves food and trying new things, so he researched a lot about restaurants and decided the places where we ate, while I planned our other daily program. We wanted to eat local food as much as possible, but we felt that Czech food is too heavy to eat twice a day. It's really salty and fatty. Beer is usually cheapest drink option, water is expensive!

Kožná 14, Prague 1 /
Mlejnice has two locations and we visited the one located in the heart of Old Town. I loved the athmosphere of the restaurant and food was good too. Main courses cost around 150-300CZK.

Cheap Czech beer, Pilsner Urquell and dark but soft Kozel Cerny

Pork knee, koleno

Goat cheese salad

U Kroka
Vratislavova 12/28, 128 00, Prague 2 /
This restaurant was located to walking distance from our hotel, pretty far from tourist attractions. They were full when we arrived so we needed to wait for a while to get a table, so if you are planning to eat in dinner time make a reservation! Staff was extremely kind and spoke perfect English. Main courses cost 100-400 CZK.

Duck leg and dumplings

Beef goulash with dumplings

U Pinkasu
Jungmannovo sqr. 15/16, 110 00, Prague 1 /
This was maybe my favorite restaurant! They have a pub and restaurant in same building. Not too fancy, but tasty traditional Czech food not that far from Old Town. They offer snacks to eat with your beer costing 60-100 CZK and main dishes are 150-400 CZK.

Huge and delicious pork snitchel

Grilled cheese with potatoes

Madame Lyn Vietnamese Restaurant
Šafaříkova 319/18, 120 00 Prague
After heavy Czech lunch we needed some lighter to eat for dinner. This Vietnamese restaurant located near to our hotel in New Prague had great reviews and cheap prices. I think my noodles were pretty tasteless, but husband liked it and was worth of the price. Fresh orange juice was heavenly. Kind service.


Then the last tip! For this sweet treat you don't need any specific location because you can find it everywhere, but you should try trdelník! This tiny place we visited is located close to Prague Castle in Lesser Town and offers trdelník with many fillings with 60 CZK. Husband chose plum jam because he is not that into sweets, I chose caramel.

My husband hates this picture, but I think it's too cute

Served with melted caramel

Remember to leave tip when you pay if the tip isn't already included! We left around 10% of the price which is not much because the food is usually pretty cheap. Popular restaurants will get really crowded in the dinner time so making a reservation is highly recommended. Check the websites to make your reservations online!

One thing I noticed while reading Finnish blogs about traveling in Prague was that bloggers say that there is lots of Japanese tourists everywhere. I don't know if this changes depending on season and they have actually seen Japanese tourists, or if they just assume that Asian tourists must be Japanese, because we saw Koreans everywhere. Most of the time when we went to eat there was at least one Korean couple eating at the same time. The map our hotel gives to guests had the names of places in Korean instead of the pretty commonly seen Japanese. I just thought it was funny that sometimes the restaurant was filled only with Koreans and me, almost like back home in Korea!

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