Prague Trip - Part 5: Petrin Hill

Second last Prague post! Last one will be about food. On our fifth day in Prague we took famous tram route across the city and went to Petrin Hill. You can see the big green hill and it's tiny Eiffel tower in some of the pictures of my previous post. You can climb the hill, or then you can take this special funicular to the top. Funicular uses basic public transportation tickets, so it's very cheap option too. We decided to take the funicular up and then walk down. There is some activities like a mirror maze and restaurant located on the hill, but we decided to only climb the 299 steps of the mini Eiffel tower, the Petrin Observation Tower.

One ticket for an adult costs 120 CZK (around 4,5 euros or 5,500 KRW) and they have an elevator but it costs extra. The tower offers amazing view over the city, but when we had climbed up I absolutely hated it there! From the upper floor the tower was really shaky, you could clearly feel it moving side to side. I thought it felt awful so I just quickly took some pictures before coming back to solid ground. We decided to walk back to the city and just randomly chose one of the many walking routes down. Because of the steps we had just climbed our legs felt really shaky and walking was uncomfortable, but otherwise walking down was really lovely experience! In our route there weren't many other people, so it was basically just the two of us walking down the hill enjoying the beautiful nature. We chose small not much used trails and this gave me some kind of happy experience of freedom in foreign country. Highly recommended!

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