Prague Trip - Part 3: Prague Zoo

On our third day we decided to head out of the city centre and took a bus to Prague Zoo, which is highly praised to be even one of the best zoos in the world. The zoo is easy to visit by using publing transportation. Bus number 112 from Nádraží Holešovice subway station goes straight to the entrance of the zoo, zoo being the final stop. One day ticket for an adult costs 200 CZK (around 7,5 euros or 9,160 KRW) and with a really small additional fee you can buy a map of the area.

The zoo is located in a high place so if you want to see all of the animals it requires some climbing, or a cable chairlift! From the top opens a great view over the city, but unfortunately my pics didn't turn out well this time. They have 681 different species including my favorite animals, giraffes. Giraffes and zebras share a huge area with lots of space to move around. For an additional fee you can do many things, including feeding giraffes, and if I would have known about it before hand I would have booked that activity for myself! I love giraffes but haven't had a chance to be close to them, so it would have been a dream come true for me. Apparently new giraffe baby was born there today, when we were there they had an elephant baby.

Most of the animals have nicely space to move around and most of them are located outside in really open spaces, even the penguins. Few of the animals seemed to be stressed, but most of them enjoyed calmly of the hot summer weather. One thing we noticed to be different from other zoos we have visited was the smell. Prague Zoo was really smelly. I think it's normal when there's lots of animals around, but haven't visited a smelly zoo before. The zoo itself is pretty beautiful with all of it's nature and we enjoyed our time there.

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