June -16 Through My Phone

Sorry, this post is so late! It's middle of August already, but I want to share some pictures and memories of June because I actually did something back then. Right now Seoul has been so hot I haven't done anything after coming back to Korea, so there won't be much to post about August... Basically we just stay inside with air con on and have walks in the evenings when the heat is a bit more bearable.

1. In the beginning of June my cousin came to visit us. I was really excited because it was the first time to have a visitor back from Finland. I was so happy to show him around the city where I live, but because he stayed with us only a week I didn't have time to show everything I wanted. In this picture we are visiting Gyeongbuk Palace.

2. We visited Namsan Tower with hubby when we met the second time and were still just friends, so now when we had finally a real reason to go there again to show it to my cousin I wanted to leave a lovelock there.

3-4. My cousin stayed in our house, with my parents in law, and they totally loved him (maybe because he was a good eater). They are buddhists, so they wanted to take us to a temple to show it to my cousin. This temple is pretty high up on a mountain so the view from there was really beautiful.

1-4. Dream Concert! While I still lived in Finland and were a really big k-pop fan, I used to dream of experiencing it live someday and used to watch really bad quality live streams from there. Because of hubby's really patient trying he was able to get a ticket for me, but unfortunately couldn't get a second ticket for my friend so I went alone. Like I usually do... I was extremely happy when we realized later that my seat was in the section meant for VIXX-fans. I got to use my VIXX slogan towel for the first time. Anyways, because EXO was performing there most of the fans in our section were actually fans of EXO. And when it was finally EXO's turn they were so loud! Never heard so loud screaming before. The volume of these passionate fans was so loud it was actually quite painful so I decided to leave a bit early to avoid the subway rush while holding my poor ears (saw so many people holding their ears). I've heard lots of bad stories about Dream Concert, like about fan wars and black oceans to some artists, but my personal experience was totally different! I think that all the fans were really nice and everyone was singing along with every artists if they knew the lyrics/chants! I was sitting next to fellow VIXX fan and she was really sweet and offered candy and snacks for me. :) I saw so many great artists and had a great time, I haven't been in such a big event before. In the last picture Leo being Voldemort without nose.

1. June was also the time of my final exams. After my cousin left I started to read like crazy. Husband had to do some studying too, so we went to coffee shops few times to study together. I'll write later about the end of semester and how my finals went.

2-4. My friend found out about this really cheap k-pop festival in Suwon so there we went. I thought we were late when we finally arrived, but the actual concert started one hour later than what we expected. I enjoyed of some group's performances who were now familiar to me from Dream Concert, like Oh My Girl in the third picture, but my friend was so tired she fell a sleep few times. :D The social cohesion I felt in Dream Concert was missing from this Super K-pop Concert. People came to see only their favorites and left rudely right after they had performed. Shinee's Jonghyun was the main artist of the event, but the place was already half empty when it was his time to perform. I felt also super bad for U-Kiss because no one cheered for them! No one! I used to like them a lot years ago and heard so much joking how no one knows them or cares about them, and seems like they really have very few fans... They got to perform really late, but when other artists performed two songs, they got to perform only one. Twice in the fourth picture.

Anyways the worst part begun when we were leaving the venue. There's no subway stations near the stadium, so we needed to take a taxi or bus. Unfortunately it wasn't as easy as it sounds. I couldn't find right bus that would have took us to the station and when we finally found one it was so full we weren't allowed in and the next bus never came. And then the taxi drivers were super rude! Everyone refused to take us in because the distance to the station was only few kilometres, they wouldn't make much money. One asshole asked us to pay 50,000 won, which is totally ridiculous since the real price would be maybe 5,000. We could have walked, but the clock started to be so much I don't think we could have made it to the last subway back to Seoul. I started to be really desperate so I decided just take a taxi to Seoul then, which is not that nice because my Korean is really limited and I needed to try to discuss about the prices and destinations in Korean. Lucky for us we shared the taxi with two Koreans who were actually from the US so they spoke perfect English. I feel uncomfortable to take a taxi by myself because I feel that the drivers might try to trick me because I'm foreigner, and that's what this taxi driver did, even though he was super nice to those Koreans. We ended up paying 20,000 won each, which is not that bad, but way over priced! I won't go to Suwon again without my husband, at least not that late. Super stressful experience.

1-4. I had busy month, because soon it was time for VIXX's 3rd official fanmeeting, VIXXCHOOL. When we were booking the tickets we had really good seat for me on the floor, but because of my mistake we lost it and I ended up sitting far back. Thankfully Olympic Park Gymnasium arena is pretty small, so you can see really well from the back too. When we entered the venue we got one time use lightsticks for free. There would have been also a free gift for fanclub members, but the line to get it was always so long I didn't want to wait in the hot weather. This fanmeeting was lovely! Highlights for me were some pre-filmed videos and solo performances. I don't understand much Korean, but it was still super fun. This fanmeeting lasted 4 hours and it didn't cost much at all, so good value for money! Next to me sat some cute girl, probably 10 years younger than me, and we tried to chat in Korean. I was hopeless, but it was fun! VIXX fans are great and the fanmeeting felt pretty intimate even though there were lots of people. I run to the subway right after it ended, but I saw pictures that after the concert they showed every single fanclub members name on the big screens to thank us. So sweet, too bad I missed my name.

1. Hubby has been helping in his parents billiards club and I've been there with him few times.
2. Delicious red velvet cake with husband and his friend. Usually red velvet cakes here are really disappointing, but this had real cream cheese icing. So good.
3-4. Husband's lovely aunts took us to eat to some famous European restaurant. This was the first time I ate in such a fancy restaurant and full course meal with startets and desserts. They have this secret garden in there too which is only for customer use and has been used in some tv show. Fourth picture is actually from aunt's phone.

1. Musical time. Husband booked us ticketcs to see Mozart as our anniversary gift so I could see Super Junior's Kyuhyun singing in it. Unfortunately there had been a little mistake and Kyuhyun wasn't performing that evening... Husband thought the musical was extremely boring and I thought it was just weird, worst I've seen. Neither of us knew the main actor. Better luck next time?

2. Before leaving to Finland we went to eat with our friend couple. I really enjoy spending time with them. She had just visited her family in US and presented us these lovely Star Wars key chains. Hubby was nice and gave the Darth Vader to me without fighting of it.

3-4. Being tourists in Helsinki, Finland. We spend few days in Helsinki before we flew to Prague, so I wanted to show some attractions to my husband.

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