Cafe: 라쿤카페 꾸꾸네 - Raccoon Cafe Kkukkune

When my cousin visited in June I wanted to show him things from Korea that he wouldn't be able to experience in Finland. I had heard that new raccoon cafes had been opening in Seoul and because he was interested of this concept too I finally got a chance to visit one! I chose Raccoon Cafe Kkukkune, which is located in Hyehwa, not too far away from us. Check the end of the post to get to know how to find your way there!

The concept of raccoon cafe is similar with other animal cafes. Before you enter the cafe, you need to take your own shoes off and change to slippers. When you enter the cafe, they will ask you to pay 6,000 KRW entrance free and you are also required to buy a drink. Thankfully the drinks here are really cheap, most expensive ones being 3,000 KRW and my frappe tasted delicious. When you get your drink you will also be given instructions how to behave with the raccoons (picture below), but other visitors didn't follow them... This was my first time seeing raccoons and they were so adorable! It's still better to keep in mind that these kind of animals have their own will and mind and if they don't like people touching them, coming too close or bothering their sleep they can act really fast. Animals should be respected in their own home.

Interior of this cafe is so stylish! They have used wood, metal and concrete to create really cozy athmosphere keeping the raccoons in mind. There's lots of hiding, climbing and playing spaces for them and also a small room where visitors aren't allowed to enter so the raccoons can rest without anyone touching them. They have 6 raccoons in total, white and grey ones. We visited there around 5PM and unfortunately the raccoons were just sleeping or resting whole time and weren't interested of visitors at all. Only one of them moved a bit and let us to tickle its cute little feet. The cafe is really clean and they were spraying air freshener almost too much, so no unwanted smells either. I would definitely want to visit again but later, because it would be nicer to visit when the raccoons would be more active.

How to get there?
Take subway line number 4 to Hyehwa and get out at the exit 4. Continue to your left until you can see very pink Etude House on your right. Next to Etude House's door is an elevator to upper floors, Kkukkune is located on fifth floor.


  1. Wau todella mielenkiintoinen postaus :D Suomessa tällainen ei tosin tulisi kuuloonkaan... Olisi "eläinrääkkäystä" "epäinhimillistä" "hygieniariskiä" ja ties mitä. Itse kävin Seoulissa toukokuussa ja oli tarkoitus käydä Hongdaen lammaskahvilassa, mutta ei löydetty sinne :'Dd Ehkä seuraavalla reissulla sitten :)

    1. Kiitos kommentista! :) Suomessa tosiaan ei varmaan toimisi kun pesukarhu on kuitenkin villieläin, mutta täällä niitä on joillain ihan lemmikkeinäkin ja ainakin Venäjällä näyttäis olevan vastaavia kahviloita. Nää pesukarhut ei onneks näyttänyt mitenkään kärsiviltä tai stressaantuneilta ja toi huone mihin ne saa mennä karkuun ihmisiltä on tosi hyvä juttu! Lammaskahvilassa en itsekään oo vielä käynyt kun oon nähnyt niin paljon lampaita lapsuudessani, mutta en ihmettele jos se on ollut vaikea löytää kun käsittääkseni ne lampaat on jossain kellarikerroksessa maan alla :) Niiden vohvelit näyttää kyllä ihanalta, eli vois olla kiva kahvila käydä ainakin kerran elämässä!


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