Prague Trip - Part 1: General Information

Hi everyone! We have arrived to Finland and will spend few weeks in here. Before arriving here we visited the lovely capital of Czech Republic, so I will have few posts to write about our trip to Prague. I hope you aren't bored with travel posts yet! After this summer I will start post again about other things. In this post I will share some general information and our own experiences of Prague that could be useful if you are planning to visit this beautiful city.


I think there's many companies flying to Prague from many different countries, but we flew from Finland. I found good offers from Finnair and Norwegian, but because we were traveling with big luggages Norwegian was cheaper option for us. It was my first time to use Norwegian and I was happy with them. Plenty of legroom compared to other cheap airlines (I'm looking at you Peach airlines...), they did everything super fast and no delays. For Finns it might be a plus that their flight attendants were Finns too and all announcements came in English and Finnish. Flying is never comfortable for me, but no complaints! They say they offer free wifi, but I'm not sure if they had it on our flights because it didn't work in my husband's phone and I didn't try with mine.

Our hotel was located here

Street signs are extremely informative and make moving around easy. There's street name and area.


Public transportation in Prague is easy to use and very affordable. All the ways of transportation (tram, bus, subway) use same ticket and you can transfer with the same ticket to other vehicle. If you are planning to use public transportation a lot, you can purchase daily or 3-days tickets, if not, then 30 minutes or 90 minutes single tickets are the right one for you. If you are taking your luggage (bigger than carry-on baggage) with you, you need to purchase separate ticket for your luggage. You can find ticket machines from subway stations and tram stops and they take coins only. Some convenience stores sell tickets too. You need to validate your ticket when you start your journey and when you want to get out remember to push the button to get out, even if the vehicle stops automatically its doors might not. We used buses, tram, and subway without any problems. Compared to subway system of Korea subway stations in Prague are really dark and can look a little bit scary. All windows of the trains were ruined by people scratching texts on them.

Taxis can try to fool tourists, so be careful while choosing your taxi and discuss about the price before you get in! We used taxi only once, when we came from the airport to the city in the evening time, and I booked our taxi beforehand from a trustworthy company. We used Prague Airport Transfer and were really happy with it. They charge always fixed amount you get to know while you book your taxi and offer many ways of payment. Their drivers will come to pick you up from the terminal where you arrive holding your name. Our driver was really kind. They also provide you a map and a book of the most important tourist attractions and they offer sight-seeing tours. Their drivers speak English and their really informative website works in 19 different languages!

When we went back to airport we decided to use Airport Express bus which offers you a straight ride to the airport. It departs from the main railway station and costs 60 CZK (around 2,20 euros or 2,800 KRW). You can buy your ticket from the driver and you can't use normal public transportation tickets. Taking a luggage with you is free. If you want to use regular public tranportation to save money it's possible, but you need to transfer from subway to bus.

Maternity hospital


There's lots of hotels in Prague. We stayed in Royal Court Hotel in Prague 2 because their rooms looked nice and I got a room with really cheap price through Airbnb. We got the top floor room with skylight windows, but the weather was so sunny that we needed to keep the curtains closed and aircon on. Our room was huge and only minuses are that our room was in seventh floor when the elevator goes only to sixth floor, the elevator got broken in the middle of our stay and they needed to get in our room to do something for it (but they apologized and gave us free drinks) and there was smell of chlorine from the spa sometimes. I also think that their regular rooms are much prettier. Anyways I can highly recommend this hotel! Their staff is amazing, all of them are really kind and helpful! Reception is working 24/7. Prague 2 is called New Town, but all the buildings are actually old so it's really beautiful area and seemed to be really peaceful, too. It's in walking distance of most of the important places and few blocks to the nearest subway station.

This made me so mad! I love well made street art and graffitis, but I can't understand why someone ruins beautiful old buildings with absolutely stupid and ugly tags like this. I didn't find any pretty street art, but way too much mess like this :(

Eating and drinking

Czech food is salty, fatty and cheap, especially if you don't eat next to tourist attractions. Other types of Western food and Asian cousine is also easy to find. Our cheapest meal was in Vietnamese restaurant. You should tip around 10% if they haven't included tip on the bill. Our meals for two including drinks and tip were between 400-770 CZK (16-29 euros or 19,000-37,000 KRW). You can eat much more cheaply than we did if you keep looking and eat in local pubs! In most of the places water is more expensive than beer. I will mention few restaurants in upcoming posts.
I read that many restaurants try to cheat foreign customers and include things that weren't ordered to the bill, but this didn't happen to us. We weren't fooled and most of the customer service we got was really kind. If you eat next to tourist attractions you can expect higher prices and lower quality. 

Be careful

Because Prague is really touristy place, there is pickpocketers. Be careful when visiting crowded places, trams and attractions that are popular with tourists. We went out usually pretty early, around 9 or 10, so most of the tourists arrived just after us. We could move freely and no-one tried to steal from us. It's better to be careful also in restaurants and when taking a taxi because some of those might try to fool tourists too. I also read not so good things about exchanging money in Prague, but I don't have personal experience of that because I changed money in Finland.

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