Osaka Trip - Part 3

Last post of our trip to Osaka before our travels in Europe begin! We spend long weekend in Japan, three nights. We arrived to Osaka on Thursday night and flew back to Korea on Sunday evening. Like I mentioned before, we traveled with my husband's friend, and his girlfriend, who lives in Osaka, stayed with us. She was a huge help for us, we didn't need to think much by ourselves. We had an Airbnb apartment with two bedrooms where we all could stay together. Even though we stayed in Osaka, we didn't have that much time to see the actual city. We arrived so late on Thursday so we went only to get some food. Unfortunately I wasn't feeling too good because I got motion sickness on plane. Flight to Osaka from Seoul takes less than two hours and there wasn't much of turbulence or anything, but for some reason it was one of the worst flights I've experienced. I even had two different medications to prevent motion sickness so I don't have any idea why I felt so bad... On Friday we spend most of our day in Universal Studios. Afterwards we walked a little bit in the city and ate pork rib ramen. I wanted to see the famous running man so we went to take pictures of him and after that we bought (also famous) delicious cheesecake. We took purikura pictures too and it was so fun!  

Saturday me and my husband went to Kyoto (read about Kyoto here) and when we came back to Osaka, we visited Poke center and went to eat together. Only thing I really wanted to eat in Japan was okonomiyaki, so that's what we had. It was delicious.

On Sunday after leaving our apartment we visited Osaka Castle. The surroundings of the castle are free to visit, but if you want to go inside of the castle you need to buy a ticket. I didn't know that the castle is now just a museum and totally renovated from the inside. I think it was boring and if I would have known that you can't experience old atmosphere of the castle at all, I wouldn't have bought a ticket. The free area would have been enough for me. From the top of the castle you can have a view over Osaka. Unfortunately Sunday was really bad day for us so we didn't see anything else and just headed back to airport. Gladly our flight back was much easier for me than the way to Japan!

I think the main difference between Osaka and Seoul is that there's bicycles everywhere! In Seoul you can see lots of motorbikes and scooters, but in Osaka bicycle seems to be one of the most popular way of transportation. Japan is also more expensive and I prefer the subway system of Korea, t-money card is so easy and available everywhere! Now we kept buying single trip tickets and you need to count by yourself how much the trip will cost. Food in Japan was good (if I don't count the pasta of our first night which was absolutely awful) and people are so much more polite and kind than what they are in Korea. Especially in customer service! I'm still amazed of the amazing attitude of the workers in Universal Studios and most of the other people working in customer service were really kind and helpful, too. I heard that Japan is really nice place to shop, but unfortunately we didn't have time or free space in our backpacks for shopping. It's hard to say much about Osaka based on such a short visit because we couldn't see much this time, but I personally liked Kyoto more and next time I want to spend more time there. I would also like to visit Tokyo, so I'm pretty sure we will return to Japan someday.

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