Osaka Trip - Part 2: Kyoto

I know, I know, Kyoto isn't in Osaka but I will blog about it in these Osaka-series. Me and my husband headed to Kyoto in our second day in Japan. It was Saturday, so it was expected that there would be lots of people in all of these touristy spots I wanted to visit. Going to Kyoto from Osaka is really easy by train and doesn't take much time, just around 30 minutes. There's also faster options, but they cost more, of course. The first thing we did after arriving to Kyoto station was to buy daily bus tickets which allow you to use buses in certain area as much as you want. Seems like bus is the easiest way to get around and the routes go really close to places a tourist would like to see.

Fushimi Inari Taisha

Fushimi Inari's orange torii gates were the thing I wanted to see most when visiting Japan. Paths under thousands torii gates are really beautiful and it's totally free to walk around. We didn't take whole route up to the mountain because of the heat, so I wish to visit again and see it all next time. While coming back we stopped to eat luch in one of the famous restaurants. Soy sauced eel was delicious, actually my favourite thing I ate in Japan.

Ginkakuji Temple

My husband wanted to take me to Ginkakuji because he had visited it before and thought it was beautiful. There's just one thing he didn't expect... For a Korean born in Seoul seeing a forest covered with moss might be something really spectacular, but for a Finn born in country side it's not. I think he was a bit dissappointed that I wasn't that excited about seeing the moss, but it was beautiful place indeed. And there was bamboos. I was a bit dissappointed actually because I was expecting to see the golden temple and it never came, but apparently there's two temples with only slightly different names (Kinkakuji, Ginkakuji...). Ginkakuji is the silver pavilion and to be honest nature is the one who steals the spotlight. Entrance fee is 500 yen and it didn't take long to walk the area around.

Kiyomizu-dera Temple

When we arrived to this temple we were already tired and our legs were hurting so bad after two days of constant walking that we didn't spend here as much time as you could. I just wanted to see it quickly and take a seat! Going to this temple requires some climbing up the hill and you will have beautiful view over Kyoto from the terrace of the temple. Unfortunately they were doing some renovations there, so all the buildings weren't showing their best side. Entrance fee is 400 yen. They didn't collect our tickets or take part of it away while checking them, so if you find used ticket from the ground you could probably enter with that again. I think it's weird they didn't do anything to those, a group of people could easily use just few tickets.

Even though we were surrounded by tourists all the time, Kyoto is lovely! There's so many cool temples and lots of beautiful nature, so I will definitely want to visit it again. One day there wasn't enough for us, or at least not enough for me! Next time I want to walk the whole route of Fushimi Inari Taisha, visit the golden pavilion, maybe some new temples, big bamboo forest and just relax in the nature. I will make one more post of Osaka, but based only this short visit I liked the atmosphere of Kyoto more.

Ps. I decided to start to post slightly bigger pictures, I hope it's better this way. :)

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