May -16 Through My Phone

Seems that I didn't take that much pictures in May and most of my pictures are from Japan, so I hope that I haven't bored you already with my recent Japan post. This is the last one, I promise!

1-2. May is the time of university spring festivals. Most of the universities have k-pop artists performing in their festivals and they compete who gets the biggest names every year. Most of the concerts are free, so I headed to Sejong University with my friend. They had Epik High and I.O.I performing there and most of the audience were male. Like you can see from the first picture, we really struggled to see anything behind the guys. Korean guys aren't that short! Because of this we did a huge mistake and decided to try to get as close to the stage as possible. Wrong! I've seen so many concerts in my life but I've never experienced pushing like this. People kept pushing even when there wasn't any chance to get closer. I tried to bare with it at first, but when the pushing started to happen sideways and I had serious problems to stand up because there wasn't enough space to move my feet, I decided to give up and back off. After all, I saw so much better when I backed 15 meters! I must say that the audience was horrible and I was so sure that I would have died if I would have fall down in the crowd. People didn't care at all where they stepped and no one would have cared to help if someone would have fall down there, they would have just rushed over that person. I lost my friend in this chaos and she had even worse experience than I had and lost her shoe. Thankfully you can get anything from convenience stores and no one sees anything strange in that if someone goes to subway wearing slippers. I injured my arm, but luckily it got better in few days without a doctor visit.

3. We are waiting bus to the airport. Heading to Japan!

4. Famous and delicious owen made cheesecake from Pablo, Osaka. We needed to line a long time to get it.

1-3. Universal Studio's Harry Potter World! It was the thing we anticipated most. Had some butterbeer and tried on capes. I wish I could wear one everyday. We identify ourselves as a Slytherin and a Hufflepuff and totally ignore the results of Pottermore.

4. Convenience store snacks from Osaka. Couldn't resist heart shaped Pocky.

1. Pork rib ramen. Delicious and fatty, I think I could ate only half of it.

2. My first purikura pictures! It was so fun to take them and I've laughed so much how beautiful my husband turned in that machine. Nice memory to have.

3. In Kyoto! Fushimi Inari Taisha.

4. Okonomiyaki I have wanted to try forever. I think it was expensive, but taste was good. Osaka is well known of okonomiyaki.

1-2. Osaka Poke center! Osaka's center is really small and mainly just a store full of lovely Pokemon goodies. Must visit if you want to buy official Pokemon stuff.

3. Souvenir of a 26 years old mature adult. Eevee is so cute!

4. Our university had a spring festival, too. Unfortunately I was too tired to go to see the artists, but after my lectures there was this traditional fashion show where students were the models I went to watch. My friend was representing her country, Bahrain. She even performed a song.


1. Ikea food! I needed some drawers and a make-up table, so after a year we finally went there again. This time we went with a car so it was easy to carry everything by ourselves. The drive took forever in the morning rush hours, but because we went early and in a week time, it was much easier and nicer to look around in Ikea. Usually the amount of people there is horrible.

2. Rainbow bagels have arrived to regular coffee shop chains.

3. Studying for my economic quiz. I skipped the real test day because we were in Japan, but my professor was really kind and arranged me time to do it later.

4. When there's new snacks, I want to try them. These were pretty dissappointing, though.

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