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In the beginning of April we headed to Busan! We had absolutely lovely time there, and I already posted about our trip in here. The first picture is something I never thought I would be able to eat, even the name disgusts me, squid ink sea food paella! I'm not a big fan of sea food, but I overcame my prejudices and tried it, and it wasn't bad. Husband should be really proud of me!

Second picture is from my vote to the final of Produce 101. Like I mentioned before, I became sick the day we arrived to Busan, so watching one of my favourite tv shows was a good activity for the evening. If you don't know what Produce 101 is, it was a reality show program where 101 idol trainee girls from different companies competed against each other. People could vote their favorites, and the best 11 girls formed a group and will now be promoting together for a year. I'm not exactly happy with the result, I like half of the girls who got in the group, but many of my favourites dropped out. Anyways the girl who I voted did really well in the end!

We went to Busan in such a perfect time, because cherry blossoms were in full bloom. A little bit earlier than in Seoul.

It rained in our last day in Busan, so we visited the Busan aquarium. I will post about it later, because I took so much pictures of the fish. I was very happy 26 year old when hubby bought me this smiling ray! I think that rays are really adorable. It really looks like they would be smiling.

And when we came back to Seoul, the cherry blossoms had arrived to Seoul too! We didn't go to cherry blossom festivals because we saw so many in Busan, and we could easily see more in the park next to our home.

First picture is from the park next to our house, and the second picture is from our campus. Other flowers started to bloom too, and I must say that magnolia is one of my favourites. I don't think I've seen them in Finland.

Then we had an Election Day. I can't vote here, obviously, but we visited the voting place together, and I have tried to follow a little bit what's going on in the elections. The campaigning here is pretty different than in Finland! Here all candidates have their own cars like in the third picture. Those cars drive around playing music loudly, and the greatest ones have even tv screens in them. The candidate can easily keep speeches from his/her car, but the car is also used to move the supporters around. I'm sure that it would be illegal in Finland to move people around with a open car like that! You can also see the supporters on streets with their big signs hanging from their neck. In best cases supporters of all parties are standing next to each other, and everyone of them will greet you in synchronized order. They also campaign next to streets with those cars and their plaques, so cars driving past can't avoid seeing them. The actual result of the election is pretty interesting this year.

My parents-in-law bought a new car, so we have been loaning it few times and been driving around instead of taking subway. My parents-in-law are Buddhist (me and husband atheist), but Korea is also Shamanistic country, so they wanted to held a Shamanistic ritual for car safety. It was my first time to participate in something like that. I don't think it's a big deal here to have rituals in the parking hall, but that's again something that wouldn't happen in Finland.

The second picture is also related to them because they own a billiard club. They are hard workers and work every single day, but one day my mother-in-law was sick and my husband needed to help in the club, so I went to keep company. Unfortunately I'm not much a help because my language skills, but some ahjussi (old man) gave me a baked roll/bun and one guy wanted to talk with me in English, saying that my husband is a lucky man. Doesn't know the reality of my poor husband! Anyways my parents-in-law are always happy if I want to participate and do things with them.

Last pictures are from evening walk in the park mentioned before. Cherry blossom petals started to fall down like snow.

Then I had my midterms! I had only three real exams and two take-home essays, but I spend good amount of time in the library. I haven't got the results of my essays yet, but from my exams I got two A's and one A+.

I love Darth Vader. I can't resist.

And then the first time in ages I decided to do something with my hair for my husband's ex-coworker's sons first birthday party. The baby was super cute, and even though I felt extremely uncomfortable with my bare forehead, people were really nice to me and complimented the strange foreigner. Even the old grand-grand mother of the baby. It feels weird to be the only foreigner in situations like this, but same time I feel lucky that I have a chance to participate. And it feels nice to be called older sister or aunt in Korean. It makes me feel less foreigner and out of place.

Movie date! We went to see Captain America: Civil War and it was great! I thought I would be team Iron Man but I started to turn team Captain America instead... Before I saw any of the Captain America movies, I thought that he would be really boring super hero, but I have enjoyed his movies a lot! New actor for Spider Man seems to be so refreshing too that I'm almost waiting to see the next Spider Man movie.

Rest pictures are from Gwanghwamun square. I went there with my classmates because we needed to film and advertisement as a midterm project. It was nice and warm day, so we ended up spending some time there, they had a flea market there that day.

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