Weekend in Busan

Last week we headed to Busan for a weekend. Busan is South Korea's second largest city right by the ocean. It's located on the other side of the country than Seoul, but with KTX train you can travel there in only 2,5 hours. This was my first time in Busan and the second we stepped out from the train station I could smell the ocean! The air was really fresh in the first evening, but second day was as polluted as in Seoul, and the sky was totally gray. Our last day it rained, so we spend sime time in the aquarium and just ate well, I will make another post of the aquarium. Unfortunately I became sick in our first night, so I think I had fever this whole trip. Anyways, I think that Busan was absolutely lovely city, we had amazing time there, and it was so nice to smell the ocean after a long time! Our timing to go there was perfect too because the cherry blossoms were in full bloom, and it was warm to walk outside. I would surely like to visit again, there's still many things I would like to see!

I won't give instructions of how to go to these places in this post because I'm not that familiar with Busan, so I don't know the best ways and routes. Subway works well, but usually you need to walk for a while from a subway stop to see the attractions. Buses go well, but unlike in Seoul, they don't have announcements in English. Super easy way is just to take a taxi! Taxis are really cheap in Korea and it will save a lot of time, I find it also to be a nice way to see the city. I was surprised of the amound of foreigners in Busan. I guess it will get touristy in the summer time, but now already in April I could see other foreigners all the time. I felt that I saw more foreigners in Busan than what I would see if I would go for a walk in Itaewon!

Haedong Yonggunsa Temple

We started our first morning by going to a Buddhist temple. Most of the temples in Korea are located to mountains, so I wanted to see this rare one located right next to ocean. We took a taxi, and I think the rides were totally worth of the price. We saw so much cherry blossoms while driving there! I think we were there before 10am, but the temple was already full of tourists. The roads are steep and narrow to walk, so the amount of people made walking there to be pretty slow. It definitely didn't have that kind of peaceful and magical feeling that temples usually have, this place felt only like a tourist attraction, and they tried to collect money of everything. Another thing that made the palace not that perfect was that I think that they were already preparing to celebrate Buddha's birthday. Because of this there were ropes everywhere blocking our views and making pictures ugly, lanterns will be hang up on those later. Anyways it is really unique temple in a gorgeous place and definitely worth to visit.

Statues for Chinese years/horoscopes
Born in the year of Dragon

We threw some coins there but couldn't hit the best spots

Happy Buddha

Here you can see the ropes I talked about

Lanterns for Buddha's birthday look like this

It's a fish! In Korea Buddhism was mixed with Shamanism

Just chillin'

Famous Busan-style hotteok, "pancake" with sweet filling


Dalmaji-gil road to Heundae beach

I read that Dalmaji-road is really famous place to view cherry blossoms, so while we were coming back from the temple, we asked our taxi driver to drop us out early enough so we could walk part of the road. It was really beautiful there, all cherry trees were already in full bloom.

Our hotel was located next to Heundae beach, and the Dalmaji-road kind of leads to there, so we continued our way to the beach. Heundae is Korea's biggest beach and really popular place in the summer time.

Railroad not in use


Gwangalli Beach & Gwangan Bridge

After Heundae, we went to eat with my husbands cousin and his friend. We also walked around in the university area and spend nice few hours in a board game cafe. In Korea there's cafes where they have huge amount of board games to choose from, and then you pay of the time you spend there playing. Staff will tell you quickly the rules of the games, and you can ask their help if you have a problem with the game you are playing. I don't have many Korean friends, so I thought it was super cute and nice that the friend of my husbands cousin called me eonni in Korean way. After playing we went to Gwangalli beach and waited in a restaurant until it became dark because I had read that the Gwangan Bridge is really beautiful in the night time. And it really was! It's of course nice beach in a day time too, but if your time is limited like ours, I would suggest to hang out in Heundae in the day time and in the night time in Gwangalli. The city lights are really pretty when it gets dark and apparently there should be somekind of music show too, but we didn't hear it.

Board game cafe


There's palms in Busan!

Korean candy made of melted sugar

You need to get the pattern out from the middle without breaking it, star is really hard shape!


  1. you make me really want to go to Busan right now *-*
    those cherry blossoms look gorgeous!

    1. Thanks! Our trip was timed perfectly, now the blossoms came to Seoul too :)


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