March -16 through my phone

University and midterms have kept me busy, but here's finally my March digest post. This time quite short, because I've spend most of my time studying.

My friend Ingrit went back to Finland, so we met few days before her departure and just chatted. We planned to go to Rilakkuma cafe, but unortunately it was closed, so we had bingsu instead.

And school started! I started to study economics, so I've spend lots of time with this book. Can't really complain, it's well written and easy to read. I've been drowning with my readings since the first week, so I've spend a lot of time in the library.

My husband doesn't really enjoy sweets, so when I met my friend Ashley, it was a cake time! She is originally my husbands friend, but girls need girl friends too so we met now just the two of us. We chatted a good time about everything in this nice French-style cafe in Hongdae.

And more library time being desperate and tired with my readings... This time politics.

We visited my sister-in-law in Pangyo. We have visited her beautiful cafe before, but this time they invited us to their home to have a dinner with them. Food was delicious and they are really nice to me. Unfortunately I have a picture only of the cool architechture of the subway station.

Second picture is from Naksan, once again. It's one of my favourite places so I've been there many times, and I think that I will keep showing it to everyone who is willing to experience it, but this time I got my husband to come with me! It was first time for him, so I was his guide, and we had a good time in the mural village.

I had talked with my friend from school that she would like to see a movie called "Room", so we invited her and her boyfriend, who was visiting Seoul that time, to visit our home and watch that movie with us. We had good time chatting, watching movie, eating pizza and tasting this strawberry flavored alcoholic drink. It was so sweet I couldn't finish my glass, but I really wanted to try it because it looks so cute.

And then one of the negative parts of living in Korea... I went to buy coffee from a cafe inside our campus when young woman suddenly stopped me and started to talk to me. I thought that maybe she wants to make a foreign friend because our school is pretty international, but after our chat she handed me this paper. I was so hurt and mad that she wasted my time and pretended to be interested of me without mentioning that it was just for some religious stuff! This has happened to me before, but I wasn't prepared it would happen inside campus, and that she would go for so long without mentioning her real purpose of talking to me...

End of March was the time when cherry blossoms started to appear, and so did Starbucks's cherry blossom frappuccino. I'm always trying the new frappuccino flavors.

Rest three pictures are from the same evening. We had a date night with my husband in Itaewon. First we went to eat well, then we walked around and visited Itaewon's huge Line store, and then ended our day with Mata Hari musical. My favourite k-pop idol, VIXX's Leo was the male lead of the musical, and because I missed his first musical I really wanted to see this one. I think the musical was great! It was visually most amazing musical I've seen so far, the props of the stage were changing and moving all the time. The female lead was also amazing singer! It was a great musical, money well spent.

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