The beginning of my 2nd semester

Now when fifth week of this semester is almost done, I guess I could talk a little bit about school. I'm taking 7 courses, 18 credits. Two of the courses are mandatory for my major, Academic Writing and Principles of Economics 1, four are liberal arts courses because well, we need to take lots of those, and Introduction to Political Science. My liberal arts courses are Introduction to Logic, Korea and the World, Poetry and Advertisement, and Minerva: Human Being and Civilization. Academic Writing is what it says, writing and learning grammar. So far the course and homeworks have been really unorganized, but our professor apologized about it so I hope that it will get better in the future... Political Science class is interesting and the book we use is good and easy to read, but this class causes me so much stress... Professor will give us questions beforehand for the the next class and we need to find the answers, then while lecturing he will ask randomly someone to answer, and sometimes we can get a chance to answer if we raise our hand. 10 points of our grades comes from these questions and everyone can answer only once a week. One right answer gives you one point. But there's one problem. So far the professor hasn't called my name, and even though I raise my hand for almost every question, I haven't got to answer even once! It will be impossible for me to collect all 10 points, and I can't do anything about it. I'm prepared, and I raise my hand, but I can't force him to pick me. There's some people who got to answer in every class and some people even few times if they failed the first time. :( I'm already prepared to get bad grade from this class because of this issue, but I will continue to try my best...

Introduction to Logic is nice. It's difficult, but professor said that it will get easier after first weeks. I like the professor a lot, after one class he asked me what I think about the course. The book we use is also really good, but the rules of logic are so hard to understand and remember... I was going to take this class last semester but was too scared because I thought it will be just math, but now if I think about it as learning a new language it's not that bad! Korea and the World has so far being about history of Korea and history of other countries. I'm glad that our exams will be essays because the book is super hard text to read. It's the most difficult book I've ever tried to read, almost every sentence has words I don't know. The professor has written the book by himself, and I think it would be pretty interesting because he knows and remembers so many details of this subject. Poetry & Advertisement is nice too! It's much more interesting than I thought it would be. Time goes usually super fast and we discuss a lot instead of just listening the lecture. Scary thing is that we need to make 20 minutes long presentation, and I didn't really understand yet how it should be. My last liberal arts course, the Minerva one, I took because I needed credits, exams are take-home-essays, it won't be too difficult, and the professor is nice. I already did my short speech, so I don't need to stress too much about it anymore.

And as a surprise my favourite class is economics! Good professor and good book to study from can make miracles. I never thought that I would like to study economics, I was actually super scared of it, but the economics book is the one I like to read the most. I don't know if I can ever be good at economics because I'm pretty bad at math, and because I'm really bad at remembering new terms, but I'm sure that I will study more economics after this semester. Right now I don't have any idea where I would want to work in the future, or what I would like to do. I thought it would be politics, but sometimes I feel that I'm not smart and good enough for it. Time will show, I guess.

18 hours a week doesn't sound bad, but studying is hard. I was struggling with my readings right after the first week, now when I have made a reading plan for myself it got a little bit better, but I have always some homework or reading to do. I would be happy if I could keep one day in a week without thinking about what I need to do for school, but it's easier said than done. I study after school every other day than monday. On mondays I have classes 9am to 6pm non-stop, so I'm way too tired when I finally go back home. I'm also taking second level of the Korean class in Tuesday and Thursday evenings, so I surely can spend all my days at school... I'm really tired and really stressed, but I should study even harder, I just don't know how if I want to see my husband sometimes too! I have met many new nice students this semester, but I don't have time to do much else than study.

Then a little about something else! I need to study extra hard this week because I need to get everything ready before the weekend, we are going to Busan! It will be a first time for me. We also booked flights to Japan, so in April we will spend a weekend in Osaka with our friend couple because the girlfriend of my husband's friend lives there. We also did our summer plans and in July we will fly to Finland to see my family. This time we will spend three weeks in Finland and and one week in Prague, Czech Rebuplic. I'm excited because I don't think that we will have an opportunity to travel somewhere together for so many weeks in really long time after this! We have also thought about visiting Tallinn, Estonia, with my mother and little siblings, but haven't booked anything yet. So nice things will come after I study hard this semester!

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