Review: eSpoir Pro Tailor Cushion EX

"A tailoring-inspired skin-perfecting cushion type foundation provides a delicate touch designing facial volume for all-day wear."

Packaging of this product is beautiful and classy, and it was actually the reason why I decided to purchase it. Not many brands have square shaped cushions. eSpoir kind of reminds me of MAC. They are a little bit pricier than many other Korean brands, their products are high quality and their packaging is classic and elegant matte black. Unfortunately I'm messy so my cushion gets dirty of make up pretty easily. I think that square shaped puff is a little bit harder to use than round puffs and it's also a little bit too small for my taste. Case of the cushion closes with magnet. I don't know if it's only my cushion or are all products the same, but my cushion case is a bit loose and when I try to open the lid of the re-fill part, the whole re-fill pops out really easily. So be careful while opening the product!

This cusion has SPF 50+ and PA+++ and there's 15g of product in it. My cushion is the lightest shade N103 Porcelain and it's pretty paper white shade. I'm really pale so it blends well with my skintone. I don't usually tan at all but if I decide to purchase a re-fill for this, I might try the second shade for summer to look a little bit more lively. They have 8 different shades in total, warm and neutral/cool tones.

Finish of it is slightly dewy. It's not overly shiny and wet looking, but I prefer satin or semi-matte finish so this is definitely dewy to me. I use powder with it to get a more suitable finish for me. Coverage is medium, not really buildable. You can add layers but at least in my skin it doesn't really add much more coverage. eSpoir claims it to be long lasting product and they are definitely not lying! I was a bit worried how well dewy product would last on my skin, but its lasting power is outstanding. I can see a bit of oiliness in my nose already after few hours, but this products lasts well all day even if I would be lazy with re-applying powder. It lasts easily 8 hours, but it looks pretty okay even after worst days when I might need to keep make up on my face 12 hours in a row. It gets more shiny/oily, put stays where it should stay.

Only thing that I don't like about this product is the scent. It's really strong flowery smell, really typical for cushions but too strong for my taste. I don't smell the product after applying it and after using this product for few weeks I've been getting used to it. I'm not a fan of the dewy fenish either, but with powder I can make it look okay. I think it's a product worth to try if you are in need of long lasting cushion foundation!

Price: 38,000 KRW including re-fill (around 29 euros)
re-fill costs 16,000 won.


  1. you should write the color you chose somewhere more noticeable like in the title or smaller title or whatever. I took me really long to find the color and it wasn't even helpful because i was looking for a darker swatch. Wasted my time

    1. This post was one of my first cosmetic reviews so it's definitely not perfect, I'll consider your feedback in future reviews! Sorry if you were looking only swatches.


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