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First I would like to thank everyone who reads my blog! My blog views are slowly getting up and it feels amazing that everyday someone comes to check what I've wrote, I hope you find something interesting or useful from here and maybe visit again? Don't hesitate to leave me a comment if you have something in your mind or if you have any suggestions of what kind of posts you like the best!

Second, my winter break is over and I'm back to school now. That means that I won't be able to write as often as I would like to. I wrote more regularly recently and that was nice, but with all school stuff it might not be possible to post as often. I have lots of pictures ready for posts, so there will be some new cosmetic reviews coming and posts related to Seoul when I just have time to write and edit the pictures! I will also write about my courses for this semester when I see a bit more how they are.

I wrote my first make up -review! It's the most viewed post of my blog and you can view it here.

Fell in love with persimmons! Persimmons aren't really a thing in Finland, so I tried it first time in Korea and now it's pretty much my favourite fruit, so sweet and delicious!

We didn't have big Lunar New Year celebrations, we didn't need to go anywhere. Part of my mother-in-laws side of the family came to eat with us to our home and I needed to do my first bows to my aunt-in-law and his husband and to my parents-in-law. I don't mind doing cultural rituals but I was a bit nervous and sad because I didn't know that I should bow that day so I didn't practice and didn't know at all what I was supposed to do or what to say in korean. You are supposed to bow to your elder the way your forehead touches the ground and I haven't done that ever before and didn't know the right way to put my hands... One of the free days we decided to go to eat out but unfortunately all the places we had in our mind were still closed because of the holidays. Ended up eating curry in a Nepalese restaurant.

Last picture is from the evening when we went to eat out with our friend couple. Yonggun's friends gilfriend is Japanese and we try to meet up always when she visits Korea. Had a good time.

Visited VIXX exhibition in Gangnam, you can read about it in here. After that I wandered around in Garosugil and saw that cute Skinfood car.

And shopping in Myeongdong! I found these awesome Star Wars umbrellas from Uniqlo and couldn't resist, bought one for myself. Last picture is eggbread, one of my favourite streetfoods in Korea. It's kind of sweet bread, like all bread in Korea, and has a whole egg on top of it. A bit overpriced in Myeongdong.

Decided to grow out my bangs! It was nice to have them while it lasted, I think I had them only three months? But I just decided that they are too much work for me and there's more days when they look bad than days when they look good. This wind of Seoul took care of that they never were there where they were meant to be...

Sweet breakfast/lunch in a cafe, caramel honey bread. I tried to study korean a lot. I finished Talk To Me In Korean second level and already bought the third level books, but I don't know when I will have time to actually check them up.

And the last two pictures are from our movie dates, I think... We went to see many movies in February! I saw Carol, Deadpool and Zootopia with my husband and Spotlight with my friend Mai Linh. All movies were good and I highly recommend to watch Zootopia! It's really suitable for adults to watch and the details of the art are amazing. They made all animals fur look so real, soft and fluffy!

Hubby graduated from Korea University's Cyber University. I haven't been in Korean graduation ceremony before. He hated the hat.

Street art and Spiderman are from Samcheong-dong when I decided to go to somewhere I don't usually go before the busy school life starts. It was a mistake because I decided to walk a lot and the wind was totally freezing that day! So I ended up doing some studying in a cafe once again.

Found another Spiderman from Hongdae! I went there to do some studying but ended up just walking around and doing a little bit of shopping. I'm weird and probably the only person in a world who isn't that in love with Hongdae, but it's good place to find some street art, like that owl. Or phone cases.

And then when I already thought that spring would come and we had one really warm day, it snowed! And it snowed like crazy, more than the whole winter before! Was so depressing to see all that snow, I've had totally enough of the winter, cold and especially this freezing wind.

And then 29th of February school started. I bought pretty notebooks, I write my notes always by hand and I love cute stationary. This semesters theme is Alice in wonderland. One of the best parts of the new semester is buying new notebooks!

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