Cafe: The Galapagos

In January we decided to visit a cafe, the Galapagos, with my friend Ingrit. Cafe Galapagos is located in Hongdae area, close to Sangsu station, and it offers you different kind of drinks like coffee, smoothies and lassi. They also seem to have pretty nice collection of different kind of wines. We chose fresh fruit juice which was pretty nice, but I think that this would be nice place to enjoy a glass of wine in the evening time. The interior is really cozy with miss-matching furnitures and two small separate rooms, in the other one you can cuddle up with your loved one or friends on the floor. In the summer time is probably possible to enjoy your drink in their terrace too.

Anyways, for us the reason to go wasn't the drinklist, it was the animals they have. They have one big turtle, one lizard (I'm not sure what it was because it's behind the counter, I guess bearded dragon?) and the most exciting thing, sugar gliders! The turtle is huge and roaming free on the cafe, it almost caused a heart attack to a girl who didn't know about its existence in the cafe. Unfortunately the turtle seems to eat everything from the floor, so if you drop something, better pick it up, we don't want it to eat weird things, right?

We visited in the day time so the sugar gliders were sleeping in a small cage, but the workers showed them to us when there were more customers gathered around their cage. The sugar gliders were really friendly and seemed to like to be with people, we got to feed seeds to them and touch them too, their fur is super soft. The worker that time was also really friendly and answered questions about them and tried to teach their names to us. Sugar gliders are fast in their moves so taking pictures wasn't that easy, but they were surprisingly calm, they didn't even try to get out from their cage... Until the worker needed to go behind the counter and he left the cage door open for us, and one of the gliders jumped to Ingrit's leg! They were kind animals but because we didn't know how to handle them or even if we were allowed to take them in our hands, we didn't really know what to do. Another of the workers came to pick this escaper and let it hang with him while he cleaned the tables.

How to get there?

You can walk from Hongdae or take a subway line 6 to Sangsu station, it's few minutes walk from the exit 1.


  1. Katoin just yhen tubettajan videon tästä ja etin lisää tietoa ni sun blogi pomppas ylimmäisenä :D Täällä(kin) on pakko päästä käymään seuraavalla kerralla, kun pääsen Koreaan matkailemaan :D


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