Review: Mamonde Cover Powder Cushion

In a daily use I love to wear cushions, they are fast to use and make your skin look great with less effort than foundation and bb creams. Anyways sometimes finding a good product can be challenging, especially if you don't like dewy finish. I have combination skin with oily t-zone, unfortunately especially my nose gets oily really quickly and sometimes it can be hard to make make up stay on it. I'm also really pale and sometimes even the lightest shade of bb creams can be too dark to me, and I'm looking satin finish instead of dewy. If you have a similar skintype than I do, Mamonde Cover Powder Cushion could be perfect for you!

My cushion's case is from Mamonde's 2015 holiday edition. This product has sunblock of SPF 50+ / PA+++. Unfortunately the package doesn't have any information in english, and not list of ingredients even in korean. It has light powdery florar scent but it faints pretty fast after applying, I like it.

Formula is liquid to powder and really easy to apply. It doesn't look bad even on drier parts of my skin. Coverage is medium but easily buildable, it doesn't look bad even with few layers. This dries to satin matte finish and if your skin doesn't get too oily you don't need powder with it. I powder my face as a habit and to keep my t-zone in control a little bit longer, but the finish is really beautiful without extra powdering. It's also really long lasting, it stays on my face all day but I don't know if the oil control is that good... After few hours I can see oil on my nose but after plotting it away it will look great again without re-applying the product or even powder. After +8 hours I can see that the powder of the product starts to separate on my skin and look a bit cakey.

I have the lightest shade 17 - light beige, and it's pretty much perfect for my skintone. It doesn't oxidize on my skin like Laneige's Pore Control BB does, so it doesn't get too dark on my skin. In my pictures the product looks yellow toned, but actually it is much more red/orange toned than any other bb cream or cushion I've tried. I think it's still worth of the try if you usually use yellow toned products.

I think that this is great product for normal, combination or even oily skin especially if you don't like dewy finish. Only bad thing about this product is that it can be drying and that's why I wouldn't recommend it if you have a dry skin. Good moisturizing after use might be needed. I also need to remove this carefully, cleansing wipes didn't do much to it. I think the finish is so pretty and long lasting that this is my favourite cushion so far!

Price: 30,000KRW (around 22 euros), including re-fill
I got this on sale from Aritaum with 24,000 won, that's pretty good deal!


  1. you mind sharing on how to apply the cover powder cushion onto the skin? Thanks in advance! :)

    1. Hi! Have you tried cushion foundations before? They all have the same method of applying. The cushion comes with the puff you can see in the pictures, it's specially made for cushion use so product doesn't soak in it. You press the puff on the product, and then you apply the product on your skin making tapping movement with the puff. It leaves really natural and beautiful finish, and if you need more coverage, you can easily tap another layer on those areas. If you want, you can apply powder afterwards, but if your skin isn't really oily it's not necessary since this cushion has powdery finish when it dries. :)
      Hope this helps!

  2. Hi! I have a question. Between Mamonde and Laneige, with one do you prefer the most? I dont know which one I should buy. I have oily skin. Thanks!

    1. Hi! Definitely Mamonde! Especially if you like powdery finish and don't mind that it has kind of orange tone. I don't think that Laneige was that long lasting or did anything special to my face, I wouldn't repurchase it. I really liked Mamonde but unfortunately even the lightest shade turned to be too dark for me after all :(


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