Review: Etude House Berry Delicious Color In Liquid Lips Juicy - GR701, PK013, RD304

My first make up review! I've wanted to make reviews of make up and skincare for a really long time, but I haven't done it before because I think that taking good pictures of products and especially swatches is really hard. Anyways, now it's time to try! Unfortunately I don't have good lightning or background to take pictures, but I hope that my reviews and pictures would be helpful to someone. I like to look reviews and swatches before I buy new make up but sometimes there's no reviews made yet, so I thought that maybe my make up addiction could help someone else in a similar situation. I'm a student so unfortunately I can't purchase everything I would like to, but I try to make updates when I buy something new or if I think that some of my older products are worth mentioning! I use mostly Korean products, but sometimes I try new Western things too.

Then to the review. One of my favourite cosmetic brands, Etude House, released their S/S collection called Berry Delicious in the beginning of this month. Packaging of these products is strawberry themed and cute, but to be honest it wasn't really for my taste. Products of these collection seem to be great anyways and most interesting item for me was their new moisturizing lip tints called Color In Liquid Lips Juicy so I decided to try three different colors. I had one shade of their normal Color In Liquid Lips lipsticks and I didn't like it at all, so I wasn't sure if I would like these new ones before I got to swatch them. I don't know if this formula is somehow different than the original, but I like these Juicys' so much better!

I think that the mint colored shade #GR701 is the most interesting product of the collection and I really wanted to try it. It's mint green in the tube but when you apply it, it starts to change its color to light violet, it turns to really pretty shade on lips.

I'm always trying to find the perfect peachy coral pink lipstick so PK013 was a must buy for me. In Korea it seems to be really popular shade because every single Etude House in Myeongdong had sold it out. Luckily I found it from other area, it's really nice peachy pink. I will love to use this in summer time.

My third pick was a classic red, shade RD304. I think it looks darker on my lips than what it looks in these pictures, but it is really pretty shade, Krystal's pick RD305 is lighter red. I also liked RD306 a lot, it's lovely berry red turning more to dark pink/plum red than neutral red, but I chose this one because I didn't have bright red liptint yet.

Compared to normal Color In Liquid Lips tear shaped applicator Juicy version's applicator is straight. It's also slightly curved to make application easier and has a hole in the middle, probably so you wouldn't get too much product at a time.  The formula is easy to apply and it really feels moisturizing! When I took these pictures I had had other lip tint on my lips all day and my lips are really suffering of winter dryness, but these tints didn't emphasize dry patches at all! Usually lip tints are drying, but this is not. They also smell like strawberries!

Because of the moisturizing formula, this tint transfers if you touch your lips or drink. The finish is kind of sheer, but also really pigmented. I haven't tested yet how long these actually stay on lips, but they leave a stain really quickly. PK013 stain is pretty orange and especially the red shade RD304 leaves really visible stain, my lips looked red and pretty even after wiping the product off from my lips.
EDIT/ After wearing one of these a whole day, the product can feel drying like all the other tints when it starts to fade and dry and you have only the stain left. If you don't want to re-apply the lip tint, you can easily just apply some lip balm over the stain if the dryness feels uncomfortable for you.

If you are looking for a moisturizing, highly pigmented and staining lip tint, this could be a right product for you!

Price: 9,500KRW (around 7 euros)
If you are in Korea and buy more than two make up products from this line (nail and body products not included) you can get -30% discount with VIP or Pink Passport membership and -20% with the normal membership card until 2/29.

My messy nails are the shade #1 from this same collection, it smells like strawberries when it dries! I would gladly hear all kind of tips and opinions how to make my reviews better, thank you for reading!


  1. my gosh the colour #GR701 is so interesting!!
    That's awesome how the colour changes~
    xx Charmaine

    charrmyn || Etude House Berry Delicious Collection | Giveaway

    1. It really is! It also leaves really nice tint, such a nice product to use :)

      Thank you for commenting!


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