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I skipped the end of last year, but I'm back with my monthly digest posts! January wasn't a special month, I had a holiday from school and spend most of my time just resting and loading my batteries for the second semester.

First three pics are from the first day of January. I suffered with too long bangs (cut them the same day) and decided to go to buy books from Jongno because many bookstores (including the biggest one in Korea) with english book sections are located there. I saw a christmas tree made of soju bottles and ended up buying lots of books. I like reading and have been missing it because when I have school I don't really have time and/or energy to read anything else than school related stuff. Anyway I haven't read as much as I planned and so far I've finished only three books... Better than nothing!

Before the year ended we gathered together with my korean family at one of my husband's aunts place. My sister-in-law gave me beautiful gloves as a late christmas gift.

Joys of chatting with a language you don't know that well, weird google translations! I chat in Korean with my mother-in-law and usually I understand the main idea of what she is meaning, but there might be some words that I don't know and I need to check the words with translators (or husband), this time translator got it a bit wrong!

Second picture is really bad quality picture of Mimi hiding under a chair. I was probably reading in our room when Mimi suddenly comes to our room and goes straight under the chair and then I hear my father-in-law calling her... She had done something bad and this is her quilty face. She tries to use me as her savior if she is asked to do something se doesn't want to do because she knows that I'm too soft to her and can't give her strict orders.

We met our American - Korean friend couple after a long time and went to eat and chat to Jongno. It's always nice to meet them and both of them speak willingly in english to me so I don't feel left out with them. The stream was still filled with christmas lights.

I got hooked with a book and decided to finish it in a cafe because I wanted to hurry to buy the sequel. Mistake. The end of this book was so sad I had a really hard time trying to keep tears inside in public and I was so disappointed with the ending that I still haven't touched the second book.

I planned to study more Korean in my winter break than I've done, but at least I've opened my books few times. I try to go through this book I bought for our Korean class even though I don't think it's good for self studying.

Last three pictures are from Ihwa mural village. We decided to meet up with one Finnish girl I know from Instagram and went to hang out to Hyehwa, one of my favourite places. It was a nice sunny day and we had a good time, I've been also trying to help her to find a way how to stay in Korea. Wishing the best luck for her.

Visited SMTOWN COEX Artium, I blogged about it here and here.

Found this interesting bag from COEX mall having Finnish in it. This text makes actually sense, but I don't understand why someone would decide to print bags with it.

And Mimi, because cuddling with her is a daily thing and she sure does enjoy our lazy days. I'm so lucky to have her in my life. In a second pic having belly rubs from hubby.

Highlight of January was the Okepi musical! Bus ride to Gangnam in a rush hour took forever, even more than we planned, but Han river was absolutely beautiful that time! It was dark and you could see endless lights of the cars in both sides of the river. Unfortunately I wasn't prepared so didn't have time to take a good picture of it. Would love to go to take real pictures of it someday.

Anyways we had a great date night! My husband was so handsome dressed up and we ate good food, even though we needed to eat in a rush because we were late from the schedule caused by the rush... Musical was really good and as a fan of Hwang Jungmin it was amazing to see him live up close! I have such a good memories of this day... I think that musicals are expensive in Korea, but it's so worth of the money.

Tryign to bond with my husband's niece. It's not easy because she is shy and we have this language barrier, but I think that she is starting to get a bit more used to me. They visited for a lunch before Lunar New Year while Yonggun was still working so I was with the family by myself and was asked to draw numbers with her. At least I know numbers in Korean!

Saw this wallpainting in progress near Hongdae with my Finnish friend Ingrit after a visit to cafe Calapagos (post coming later). After that we went to watch new Kungfu Panda movie together and had a dinner. Movie was pretty good!

Received my VIXX fanclub goods, finally. First time being an official member of a fanclub.

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